It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Lush has released their Christmas collection and it includes some incredible new treats to fill your bathroom with christmas cheer! We’ve selected our top picks (vegan of course) to see you through from October right through to the end of December…but get them quick they sell out fast!

  1. Santa’s Belly Number 1 on our list is the new uplifting shower jelly with spicy star anise and apple and grape juice. The combination of the ingredients is truly Christmassy, getting you perked up for the Christmas parties on their way!
  2. Lord of Misrule- this one wins our vote with its foresty, herbal scent that really brightens up those dark, winter mornings!
  3. Cinders- An old classic! If the sound of a crackling fire relaxes you, then cinders will give you the same experience all whilst in the comfort of a warm, relaxing bath.
  4. Yog Nog- Is an indulgent, warming experience on those cold nights where you can wrap yourself in its luxurious toffee scents.
  5. Peeping Santa- Definitely one of our new favourites this season! Fruity and festive, this mini santa gives you the perfect uplifting combination to get you geared up and ready to go to celebrate the Christmas season the best way!
  6. Santa’s Lip Scrub- No other time of year is it as important to keep your lips super soft and scrubbed than when you are expecting kisses under the mistletoe! This scrub keeps your lips silky smooth to apply lipstick or gloss on top whilst allow the sweet flavours of dates and cherries spread the festive cheer!

All Images via The Vegan Edition


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