For our latest edition of our {in conversation} series we bring you Anya Lahiri; fitness instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and model. Anya gives us the lo-down on what made her become a fitness instructor and what she really loves most about Barry’s classes!

Hi Anya! Tell us a bit about your childhood and background and how you feel that has influenced you today?

I am half Indian and half Finnish but born and raised in London. I consider myself a girl who has worn many hats as I have had LOTS of different professions over the years. I started modelling at 16, then had a foray into the music industry for a few years as part of a girl group which involved traveling the world. I then went back to my education and got my degree in English and humanities and started acting, mainly in TV and Film.

My acting career is what led me to Los Angeles and Barry’s Bootcamp and working in fitness. I have always worked for myself but it is nice to finally be working in an industry that is about helping other people.

Tell us how you got started in the health and fitness industry?

I was acting in Los Angeles and stumbled upon my first Barry’s Bootcamp class. I had always been into fitness, keeping in shape being an integral part of my acting and modelling career but it was love at first sprint when I entered the West Hollywood studio. I did my PT qualification and started the training to become a Barry’s instructor in the Hollywood locations. I taught classes out there before coming back to London to help launch the first UK studio.

What are your favourite things about Barry’s?

The workout! There is nothing like it! Not only is it highly effective and fun but the results make it addictive. Another big winner is the amazing fitness community we have created, from our trainers, deskers to the clients themselves; it is the most supportive environment and there is never a dull or lonely moment.

What’s your one fitness tip?

Find yourself a fitness buddy or buddies. Finding a class or a support network will keep you on track and make it SO much more fun.

Why do you think there has been such a rise in veganism over the last few years?

There is much more awareness of where our animal products come from and some of the cruelty involved in farming.

Are you vegan? If not what does your diet look like?

I’m not a vegan but was a vegetarian from the age of 9. I am not a particularly good cook so my diet was VERY limited as a vegetarian. I have immense admiration for anyone who can maintain a solely vegan diet, it takes a lot of discipline and commitment.

What inspires you?

My clients inspire me everyday. Seeing their progression is what motivates me and fuels my classes. There is nothing like seeing someone who couldn’t run reach double digit sprint speeds or seeing someone smashing their race times.

What’s your average day like?

My average day has changed massively over the last 3 months as I recently had a baby boy. There is currently very little routine going on in my life as it is mainly led by his needs and requirements.

I have gone from teaching 16 classes a week to maternity leave where even fitting an hour in my day to exercise is tricky.

I am normally up and dressed by 7 in the morning to teach my 8.20 class at Barry’s. At the moment, getting out of the house before 11am is a challenge as I have to feed and dress not only myself but my little boy and I am normally up throughout the night.

I take the dog out with my baby in a sling to get some exercise first thing and then try and get a trip into the studio where the kind deskers or my husband babysits while I do class.   I have had to take a big break as I ended up having a C section delivery which meant I wasn’t able to even walk let alone exercise. This was a massive blow and it has been a real struggle coming to terms with losing a lot of my fitness. It has felt so good to get back to exercise and feeling like myself so I have been making sure I get at least an hour in most days. I will try and get another walk in in the afternoon, having a border collie forces you to get out and about and keep moving.

I have also recently gone back to teaching a couple of classes a week. I really love my job, while most Mum’s get an hour off to go shopping or grab lunch with friends, teaching is my release. On the days I teach I get home around 8pm and then it is all about getting my boy off to sleep before I grab dinner myself. Unfortunately I find it tough to go to bed early but I have been forcing myself to try and hit the sack before 11pm so I can cope with the multiple wake ups throughout the night.

On the weekend it is all about lie in’s, dog walks and lazy brunches!

Do you think you have a work/life balance?

Yes… I LOVE work but I also like to have fun and have time away from Barry’s. I love to travel and make sure I reward my hard work with exciting holidays and trips abroad.

What’s the best part of your job?

The people! The satisfaction you get from seeing other people’s progress can’t be beaten!

What words do you live by?

Believe in yourself and you will succeed…

What’s next for you?

Getting back to my former fitness and the exciting journey of motherhood that lies ahead!

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Anya Lahiri on her passion for fitness and working at Barry’s Bootcamp. We love hearing from exciting people inspiring others to live their healthiest and fittest selves! Find out more about Barry’s Here

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