For our 27th {in conversation} interview we get to bring to you; our lovely readers our interview with Jessie and Rachael Gooch; the gorgeous twins blogging at Healthy.Living.Inspiration. This awesome duo loves food even more than we do and shows all of their amazing photos on their blog and Instagram. They show us that eating a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet is easy even as busy University students! 

Tell us a bit about your childhood and background and how you feel that has influenced you today?

We grew up doing absolutely everything together. As twins, our parents always dressed us the same, and had us doing the same activities. Not only are we sisters, but we are each other’s person; we truly have an unbreakable bond! We grew up in a home that values good, wholesome meals made with lots of love. Our family is a melting pot of multiple heritages, but Spanish and Italian mainly influenced our diets growing up! Food has always been about coming together and enjoying family time. Our love for food definitely contributed to the creation of!

Are you vegan and if so why?

Yes… and no. Jessie is vegan and I (Rachael) am vegetarian! We simply enjoy the freshness of veggies and fruits. We never were meat lovers growing up, so our diets kind of morphed into vegan/vegetarian over the years. It was simply about preference! We also love the way it makes us feel. We never feel groggy or slow during the day, which is so lovely! We are firm believers that energy for the day comes from a great fresh diet!

How did you first find going vegan (Jessie) and eating healthy, particularly with your job and the travel?

Being in college definitely has its challenges! Still being in the dorm, we have had to be super creative in how we make our meals! Its difficult, but not impossible! We are always up for a challenge!

What do you friends, boyfriend and family think about you now being vegan? 

Our parents are so supportive of our diets! Our mom is a basically our triplet; she is often involved in the creations in the kitchen! She is a veggie girl just like us! My boyfriend is also super supportive of me! He always goes out of his way to take me to restaurants with yummy veggie options! Jessie is single, but has all the support in the world from our friends!

What’s your one health tip?

Our one health tip would be to drink as much H2o as you possibly can! It keeps your brain sharp, your body detoxified, and your skin clear! Its magic.

Why do you think there has been such a rise in veganism over the last few years?

We think its because of the amazing health benefits!! It’s the perfect way to get the most balanced, nutrient filled diet! You can’t go wrong with lots of fruits and veggies! There are so many options, and lots of fun recipes to try! Why not go vegan?! Its definitely the wave of the future!

What inspires you?

The world around us. We are so inspired by the beauty we live in everyday. With each new day brings new thoughts on healthy living, new ideas about recipes, and new fun beauty tips! It’s a beautiful thing! We are also inspired by the many people that support us and Our followers mean everything to us, and we love inspiring others to live the healthiest, happiest life possible!

When did you start up Healthy.Living.Inspiration and why?

We started up last summer; so not too long ago! We started it up because of our love for food and healthy living. After being in college, we wanted to promote the importance of eating healthy! Also after going through struggles with weight and diet, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about healthy choices! We truly wanted to promote a positive relationship with food, and show how many amazing things come from a great wholesome diet.

How do you create such gorgeous and delicious photos for instagram?

With lots of love! We really do spend a lot of time getting the perfect angle and perfect lightening to create the perfect image! We are just starting up with photography though and feel like we have a lot to learn! Its definitely a learning process!

What’s your average day like for both of you? 

I am a nursing major, and Jessie is an interior design major. We spend most of our days in university studying outside, or at the local coffee shop! I have early mornings, so Jessie and I tend to do a lot of prep work for the week meals on the weekends! We find this works best with our busy schedules! Most of the time we will pack a lunch to have out and we eat dinner together most nights and catch up on the day! We try and sleep before 11 but college nights tend to run late!

Do you think you have a work/life balance?

Right now, its hard to balance pretty much everything being college students! We try to get a good balance of exercise, time outside, and family time! In between those, most of our hours are spent studying or working in the lab! Id say for both us the scale is tipped a little more in the “work” direction!


What’s the best part about Healthy.Living. Inspiraiton?

The best part about it is that we can share our love for healthy living with the world. We hope to eventually reach a lot bigger of an audience and change peoples lives for the better! Its our baby; we are so excited about it, and love seeing it grow ! It is truly our passion and we are so thrilled to be shedding light on the amazing vegan/vegetarian experience!

What words do you live by?

“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans” We absolutely are in love with this.

What’s next for you and Healthy.Living.Inspiration?

We are expanding into beauty and style!! So be on the look out for some amazing posts about those two topics! We are so ready to take on the world, and share our lives with all our amazing followers.

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