For our 30th interview (how time flies!) we caught up with Beck; the partner and managing director of Passionate Skincare. Passionate prides itself on excellent quality products to really nourish and feed your skin, with a focus on the natural, healing properties of different plant oils and ingredients. By now beginning to branch out into natural, vegan products we wanted to hear from Beck on what made her start up the business and why veganism is the way forward!

Hi Beck! Can you tell us a bit about your childhood and background and how you feel that has influenced you today?

I think deep down I knew I would own a company from a young age. Against all odds, my parents opened a Thai Restaurant in Como when I was around 12yrs old. I remember the first day they decided to open, serving only coffee and dessert as the kitchen was not yet ready to serve Thai. They decided they would give it a go anyway. The restaurant packed out! At 12yrs old, I put on an apron and gave them a hand quickly falling in love with the rush, responsibility and results. Watching and learning from my parents business journey has easily been my biggest influence. The passion for health and wellness came later. After high school, I completed a Bachelor in Graphic Design and a Masters in Teaching. I had no idea I would find myself in the health and wellness world.. but the universe has a funny way of putting you on the correct path.

When did you decide to start up Passionate Skincare and can you tell us a bit about the brand?

Passionate Skin Care started in a Little Bay kitchen in 2014. Like all great things, it grew out of a collaboration of like-minded people with a passion. Nathan, who has since moved on to another venture, came to the table with a concept, Jarrod, my current business partner, perfected SkinFood and made it in to the product that it is today.. Me?, I was the glue and pulled it all together as a marketed business.


While we are no longer working out of a kitchen, SkinFood is still hand-crafted by Jarrod. We use only the highest quality oil and butter based raw ingredients to produce products suitable for all ages and skin types with ZERO nasties. We don’t even add aqua. With over 100 stockists the Passionate Skin Care brand is growing fast and we can only be proud of what we have achieved in 2 years.

Can you tell us why you have started releasing vegan products?

There has been a fast rise in veganism over the past couple of years and we identified that vegan skin care was the way forward. When we released our first product, which contains ethically sourced bees wax, we were not aware of the vegan alternatives that could deliver the same results. As our knowledge of raw, vegan ingredients expanded it was the natural progression that our next two (and future) products became vegan. Hello Fair Trade Shea Butter!!

Why do you think there has been such a rise in veganism over the last few years?

People are asking more questions and accessing more information. More and more people want to know exactly where their food comes from and for some, that includes knowing that the foods they choose to eat are not the end result of an animal being harmed or killed. I’m always amazed by the internal support and passion within the vegan community.

What were your biggest challenges when starting up the business?

Being able to source the highest quality raw ingredients for our products without compromising on quality while also running a sustainable business. High-quality raw ingredients are not cheap and we refuse to use aqua to maximise product yield.

For me personally, biting the bullet and walking away from a high paying full-time job in the hopes that this company would grow quickly was a challenge. Luckily it paid off!

Who is the Passionate Skincare, customer?

Anyone looking for a completely natural skin care solution that works!


What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone starting up their own business?

 For those who are reading this after being distracted from a uni assessment for a degree, they’re no longer sure of.. or those reading this on the train home from a 9-5 they can’t see going anywhere..Have FAITH in where you are right now. Believe me, you’re not there for no reason and one day all the pieces of the puzzle will come together. You’ll come to realise that if you had dropped out of that graphic design degree, or that retail health job, you would ever have the skill set and contacts to achieve what you have today.

What’s your one health tip?

Be happy.

What inspires you?

I am very much intrinsically motivated by results. Nothing gets me more inspired than seeing hard work result in success. Jarrod and I are the dream team. We motivate and inspire each other every day!

What’s your average day like? 

I wake up early to a lemon and apple cider vinegar drink, cold pressed juice and super food smoothie followed by a morning walk with Jarrod and our beautiful rescue dog Harlem. Breakfast is spent responding to emails then I’m on the road visiting accounts, customers and friends, attending meetings and building new relationships (sometimes Harlem comes along). Jarrod is the mastermind behind the product so he is off to our facility to manufacture and work on new product development. By the end of the day, we are always exhausted but a wholesome dinner picks us back up. If I’m in bed by 10 pm, covered in SkinFood, it’s been a good day.


Do you think you have a work/life balance?

I’m getting better at it. Work usually blends in with life as I honestly love what I do. My friends, however, will tell you I need to get out more.. they’re probably right.

What’s the best part of your job?

People! This industry is driven by people with a passion and it is a privilege to be able to meet and work with those who love their job as much as we do. Being in this job means that I’m a part of a lifestyle that lives and breaths health and good vibes. Business meetings are usually spent over turmeric lattes or on the Bondi-Coogee walk. It’s a lot of fun!


What words do you live by?

You win some and you lose some – just keep going.

What’s next for Passionate Skincare?

The first Passionate Skin Care store will be opening this year in the yoga and health capital of the world; Ubud, Bali. We also have some exciting new products to introduce to the Passionate Skin Care collection.. so watch this space!

We love chatting to Beck about her life and passionate work in skincare! Feel like treating your skin? Find Passionate Skincare’s vegan skinfood here

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