Vegan Leather…what even is it anyway? Nowadays there are a lot of alternatives to leather which are often grouped together and referred to as Vegan leather. These materials mirror a lot of the characteristics that leather has but mean that you can look stylish without ensuring any animals are killed in the process.


The most famous of all alternatives to leather is pleather, which to be honest isn’t too high on our wish list with the often cheap and tacky look it created. However there are so many other options that look chic, classy and expensive you needn’t worry! Vegan Leather can be made out of a number of different materials including Lorica, Kydex, Vegetan, Birko-flor or even recycled bottles or rubber. Moving over to wearing vegan leather is an amazing shift, and the more demand there is the more brands will step up and take notice producing more and more amazing vegan leather, cruelty free products.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.



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