The 30 Day Skin Detox

After a pretty unhealthy and crazy-busy couple of weeks I really wanted to whip myself into shape by doing something to kick start a new healthier regime. I decided to embark on a 30 day detox with Teami Blends for something that was low maintenance but would hopefully help to support me beginning to eat healthier meals and start working out again. I also really felt like my skin had been suffering from the less healthy foods I was choosing to eat and just felt a bit congested. 

What I really liked about the Teami blends is that it is incredibly simple you have the skinny tea first thing each and every morning of the detox before anything else and every two nights you also have the colon tea.  As it was so simple it really meant it seamlessly became a part of my routine without too much effort. As I was already having warm water with lemon each morning as I woke up anyway, switching this to the skinny tea was easy and I felt good each morning having that before breakfast where I tried to have fruit and oats as much as possible. The colon tea definitely takes a bit more getting used to as it really cleans you out at the beginning! However it really does feel as though it is cleansing you out, and after the first couple of times my body became more used to it and just felt quite nourished.

For me a great symbol of how things are going on inside my body is what my skin looks like. Although I have never been one for many spots, sensitivity in my skin is definitely something that is often triggered by what I eat, drink and what else might be going on inside. Whilst taking the tea I definitely noticed changes in my skin with my skin appearing less pink and more naturally glowy; all things I like! All in all I think going into the 30 day Teami blends detox you have to know that it is not going to change all your bad habits/or make you lose 2 stone, but what it is going to do is to help you through any healthy changes you do choose to make by using cleansing herbs to nourish your body.

I was kindly gifted this 30-day detox by Teami Blends and all opinions are my own.


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