5 Ways to Have the Best Sleep of Your Life

For anyone who has suffered with a lack of sleep, it can sometimes conjure up mixed emotions. Sometimes I can go months with what seems like the perfect rest night after night, whilst other times I lay awake wondering how on earth I can force my mind to give up the fight.


After my latest few weeks of using the time I should be sleeping to stay up watching Youtube videos, I decided to do my research and find all the many ways proven to help you have a better nights sleep. Some of them I'm definitely still working on but by even just implementing a few I'm finding a huge difference to not only being able to fall asleep quicker but also stay asleep and wake up feeling better too!


1. Invest in a Good Quality Mattress

Sure it makes perfect sense, but it's never something I gave that much thought too until I started to wake up with aches and pains and decided it was time for a change. The difference I have found from switching over from a perfectly ok mattress to the Eve Hybrid has been crazy. I always thought my old mattress was just fine but this has been the biggest gamechanger...I no longer wake up with a sore back even after sleeping in all sorts of crazy positions!


After generally always sleeping on spring mattresses I went for the hybrid as the perfect mix of spring and memory foam (which I had heard was great for not only a super comfy sleep but also better posture!) I did originally find it harder than my old mattress but got used to it after the very first night and honestly woke up feeling really good! My mattress is this one; The Eve Hybrid.

2.  Invest in New Pillows

This goes hand in hand with point 1 but I didn't realise until I really thought about it how old my pillow was... It also really wasn't the comfiest and I spent half the night trying to find the best spot. I decided to do some research and take a look at what pillows some of my favourite brands and hotels use and what makes them so amazingly luxurious and relaxing. It turns out the best pillows aren't necessarily the most expensive and I ended up going for these Eve memory foam ones. These not only look great but provide lots of support to your neck and are just generally dreamy!


3.  Use Scent

I love a gorgeous candle but I had never really given much thought to scent in my bedroom. I usually only had it downstairs in my living room/kitchen when the smell of food took over. However having a lovely, relaxing candle or diffuser on in the bedroom feels like the most luxurious thing in the world! Not only do you end up with an amazing smelling bedroom, it's sort of become part of my routine just before I head to bed.

4.  Chill Out

I am the worst for running around doing bits and pieces around the house right up until the second I rest my head on my pillow; which really isn't gearing me up for a restful sleep.  As currently, a bedtime routine isn't something I really have I have tried when I can do give myself at least 10 minutes of downtime in bed before switching out the lights. Sometimes it means catching up on some reading, listening to some chilled music or even applying moisturiser; these things have really been a great help to actually get my mind ready for sleep...


5.  Get things Organised

Something for me that has a huge impact on whether I have a restful nights sleep is how I feel in my physical space and mental space. What I mean by that is if things are messy and untidy in my home it stresses me out and has a big impact on both my mood and my sleep. When it comes to being organised mentally, I often have a mental to-do list twirling around my head of things I need to do; whether it's replying to certain emails, or hang a frame and it really helps to first write everything down. If I have time to complete the task; great, if not the next best thing for me has been to make a plan for when I will do it so that in my mind I feel more on top of things.

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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

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