5 Ways to Know Whether you have Sensitive Skin

These days the a huge majority of people think they have sensitive skin. According to L.A.-based dermatologist Jessica Wu, MD in the 1980s only 30% of people thought they had sensitive skin, now its a huge 70%! As sensitive skin covers a huge range of conditions from Eczema to Rosacea and rashes it can be really hard to understand and identify. As a fellow sensitive skin sufferer, I have put a list together of the top signs you have sensitive skin.

1. Your Skin has Dry Patches

Eczema is one type of sensitive skin condition that is quite quick to identify in most cases. As Eczema is caused by a leaky skin barrier it means your skin doesn't trap the moisture. This results in scaly, flakey skin which can occur on the whole body as well as the face and normally in patches.


2. You Skin gets Red & Hot Easily

Rosacea is another sensitive skin condition which often is exposed with constant flushing of the skin and redness particularly across the cheeks and nose. Triggers can range from drinking alochol, getting too warm, and cold, waindy weather.


3. Beauty Products Make your face Itchy, Sting and Sensitive

If your skin often starts to sting as soon as you've applied any kind of product, this could be a warning sign. If your skin reacts quickly whether its getting itchy, stinging or coming up in a rash then its highly likely you have sensitive skin. However, depending on your other symptoms (if any) you could be having an allergic reaction as a lot of the effects tend to overlap. Allergies tend to be more severe and can demonstrate an aversion to a particular ingredient or product.

4. You Get Spots Easily

Often when you are prone to lots of spots you are diagnosed with acne-prone skin but the reality is your skin sensitivity could be the cause. When your skin is dry it can produce extra oils to produce moisture that your skin is lacking. This then often results in angry, clogged skin that often creates spots.

5. You are Prone to Rashes & Bumps

If like me you are prone to getting frequent rashes and tiny pink bumps, these are often signs of skin sensitivity. This can often occur when trying out any new product or when you overload your skin with too many products.



If it's your body suffering with some of the above signs this Winter then check out the recent article on the best products for sensitive skin this Winter here.


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