The January Reset: 7 Things to Feel Brand New

New year, New you? Having sensitive skin can sometimes be a burden preventing you from trying out new things (in case you have a flare up) or trying out new products (in case it irritates instead of soothes). So this time you can relax in the knowledge that in 2020 I have you covered. I have done the leg-work so that this January you can indulge and enjoy 7 things that will truly make you new year start right. Here are the 7 things that will reset you in January and make you feel brand new; sensitive skin or no sensitive skin!


1.Finally upgrade your Dressing Gown

I get it...January is the month where not only are you broke but you can't possibly face the mad sale crowds. Since January and February are the months in the year people tend to spend the most time indoors, good quality loungewear and pyjamas are essential! I recently adopted a Bown dressing gown and the difference to my old one is staggering. Not only are Bown dressing gowns all super high quality, soft and cosy. But they are also perfect for sensitive skins as they are made from 400Gsm 100% pure Egyptian cotton. I got mine personalised too which really just takes it up a notch. If you need a guide to my favourite brands for other loungewear suggestions for January you can find it here. 

Bown of London is available online here.

2. Give Reflexology a go

Reflexology is something I have experienced before but never quite like seeing Andrea Hurst Reflexology. Andrea is known as London's leading Reflexologist and has been included in every publication going from Vogue Magazine to Goop. If you are unsure on what Reflexology entails I've got you! Reflexology is a type of preventative medicine where pressure is applied to specific points on the feet. This is supposed to detect imbalances in the body and help ease them.


The treatment with Andrea was incredibly relaxing but also super interesting as she talked me through different imbalances she could feel. This included things like lower back pain (from too much hunching in front of a laptop), as well as too much coffee showing up in my kidneys. Her gentle and informative approach provided great suggestions and I left the appointment deeply relaxed and almost walking on a cloud. She also left me with a combination of her new products. This really helped me continue the relaxation in the coming weeks by applying to pressure points.


Andrea Hurst Reflexology available at The MayFair Hotel, Stratton Street, London, W1J 8LT.

UME Diagnostics, 27 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QP and to find out more about Andrea and her treatments click here.

Andrea's brand Pool of Purity is available to purchase at Maitre of Thyme.


3. Try a Facial that Actually Helps Sensitive Skin

Skinwork is the facialist clinic that has recently dropped in London from LA. Even before my treatment I had heard only amazing things from friends who had visited. They are most well know for their anti-bac pore extraction which really deeply cleanses the skin to clear congestion but without any sensitivity to the skin.


I went in for their speedy signature facial and I did not leave disappointed. The facial was quick and to the point, letting me carry on with my day without any downtime. My skin looked A-MAZING after; clear and smooth and the glow continued for the week. For sensitive skins, facials can be a tricky one. However, Skinwork use fragrance free, professional products that really deliver results quickly without any irritation.

Skinwork at Alex Eagle, 6-10 Lexington St, Soho, London, W1F 0LB, UK


4. Try a Treatment in the Comfort of Your own Home

Blow LTD is the beauty service that comes straight to your home. Previously it had never even crossed my mind to book a treatment at my home but now that I've tried it I am completely hooked! Rather that dashing halfway around London Blow LTD will come to your home, bring all the equipment and treat you to whatever treatment you have booked. Plus they are super accommodating; I mentioned in the comments that I was allergic to fragrances so my consultant showed up with a gorgeous array of oils without any fragrance! So far I've got my nails done in my kitchen and had a deep tissue massage in my living room. Honestly there is nothing more relaxing then having a massage and then rolling off to bed straight after without ever having to deal with the tube...

Blow LTD is available via app or online here.


6. Try a Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

If this January you are feeling out of balance or have any kind of pain in the body, why not try alternative therapies. The Sen Wellness Clinic in Marylebone is one of my favourites. I love it because it combines multiple disciplines from oesteopathy to acupunture, yoga and homeopathy depending on what you need when you come in. They truly adopt an integrated approach to your wellbeing that truly help to reset you before you leave.

Sen Wellness Clinic, Studio 1, 66 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8AW, UK


7. Relax with a Sheet Mask

Sometimes there is nothing better than staying home and putting on a nourishing sheet mask, whilst watching Netflix. January is all about staying in, keeping cosy and focusing on YOU. So I find weekends in with a glass of wine and a sheet mask are just what the doctored ordered when it comes to feeling brand new in 2020.





5. Invest in a Weighted Blanket

Recently I kept seeing lots of articles around weighted blankets so I decided to give the Remy blanket a go to see what all the fuss was about! Sleep is something I often struggle with. So when I saw that the Remy weighted blanket had been proven to help people fall asleep faster, longer and more deeply I was in.


According to the science, the weight of the blanket helps to stimulate the production of seotonin and increase melatonin for better sleep and improved mood. I found it took a while to adjust to the feeling of weight as I slept. But it really did help me to sleep more deeply which is the thing I struggle with most. Also I found it really helped me relax so if you are someone who wants to focus on improving your sleep in 2020 it is a must have! I went for the cotton and bamboo version which meant my sensitive skin didn't get irritated.

Remy Sleep is available online here.






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PHOTOGRAPHY — Gabriela G-M & Robert Colclough
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