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This Friday I have the pleasure of sharing with you my latest conversation with Sinead Flood; The Founder of July Child Jewellery. I first came across July Child on Instagram where their incredibly fun and playful curated collection of pieces really come to live! Read on to hear all about July Child, how it started, the brands they stock and what’s next!



Hi Sinead! Tell me a bit about your childhood and how you feel that has influenced you today?

Hi Carolina! Thanks for asking me for a chat. Well growing up I’d say I was a very expressive and imaginative child. My parents encouraged us to be our true unique selves, whatever that may be! I always enjoyed dressing up in a mish/mash of clothes. I loved to adorn myself in my mum’s jewellery and her heels, which I tottered around in even though they were too big for me!

Being true to who I am and having a positive, colourful and playful approach to life has stayed with me from day dot. I would say it translates and spills in to everything I do as a 27-year-old woman.


When did you decide to start up July Child and why?

I thought long and hard about it over the course of about a year whilst working another job in account management in London. I sort of hit a mid-twenties meltdown and wanted to change everything and hit the refresh button. Jewellery is something I have always loved and finding off the radar brands and designers along my travels. July Child is an assortment of the international brands you wouldn’t typically find in the UK. Nobody had built a platform like the idea I had. An opportunity arose with a New York based jewellery brand so I went and shadowed them for a couple of weeks and decided I could and would launch my own brand.

What is your favourite thing about having started July Child Jewellery? 

LIVING MY TRUE WHOLE AUTHENTIC SELF every single day and having nobody dilute that or try and change that.

I feel so (dare I say it hehe) #blessed to be able to do something that makes me so damn happy day in day out. There is no real “job” for me, I just do what I was always doing but with a little more organisation and structure to it.

What’s the best part of your job?

It has to be creating content and beautiful imagery to showcase original designs and the work of the amazingly talented women I stock on my site. It is a platform for the movers and shakers in the jewellery industry. To support independent and original designers is to surround yourself with people that inspire you daily.



What’s your absolute favourite product in the range?

The Heart of Glass ring is something I never take off. and i would have to stay is my favourite. The red of the heart reminds me of the red apple in Snow White, which is my favourite childhood Disney film. I also love that the sacred heart represents burning passion. I feel my burning passion for my work is embodied in the ring.


What were your biggest challenges in starting up a jewellery business?

I guess being 24 and starting something new is always intimidating. There are skills you have to learn and hurdles you’ll come up against everyday and it really pushes you out of your comfort zone. For me I have always freaked out about numbers. And too much of it makes me feel like shutting my laptop and drinking a large glass of wine. I have had to become more comfortable with the finances as that is how you survive and thrive as a business.


What makes July Child stand out?

Who we represent, how we present and the community of women and men who are SO EXCITED to know and shop July Child.


What inspires you?

My beloved city of Manchester, the people here, my family and friends, my experiences both old and new, music, nature, listening, observing, and travelling the world.



What’s been the biggest moment for July Child so far? 

Ohhhh I would have to say the amazing features and opportunities that are arising at the moment. We have been in Refinery 29, Who What Wear, Coveteur, Vanity Fair and soon to be in Cosmopolitan and British Vogue!

What’s your average day like? 

I wake up bright and early and get cracking on work for an hour or so before heading to the gym or for a walk. Then I typically work either at my desk, head out for meetings or shoot content with my new intern Mia (who is wonderful). Working for yourself means you always dip in and out of it. Sometimes I find my most productive times are up until midday and then again late afternoon until 9pm I am on FIRE with productivity.

Do you think you have a work/life balance?

Definitely. I have holidays, I have drinks and dinners with friends. I have a good fulfilling life in many ways and I am truly grateful for that. It’s not to say sometimes I don't wish I could totally switch off and forget about all the things that need keeping on top of. But it’s a good position to be in at this age when you have bundles of energy. Everyday is a working day in some ways, but I am putting in the foundations for my future and for the busines's future.

What words do you live by?

“Each to their own”, don’t be too judgemental of others and let them live their lives. If it doesn’t concern you then keep your nose out of it and enjoy living your own life.


Another is definitely “you reap what you sew”. I adore the people in my life with all my heart and building that deep bond in my friendships too is SO vital in having a happy life. Enjoy the journey and be open with your heart to get the most out of life.


What’s next for July Child?

Our very own jewellery collection. It is coming in the near future and I couldn’t be more excited.



If you loved hearing from Sinead and want to check out July Child jewellery, find their gorgeous curated range here. Check out some of the recent interviews here. 


All images via Sinead Flood.


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