An Interview with Sans[ceuticals] Skincare Director

For my latest interview I bring you Lucy Vincent Marr; Director of Sans[ceuticals] beauty. I love getting excited about really gorgeous skincare especially when brands keep it simple and really deliver on their skincare message. This is definitely the case for Sans[ceuticals] beauty! Read on to hear from Lucy from why she started the brand, to what really goes into each product.




Hi Lucy! Tell me a bit about your background and how you feel that has influenced you today?

I grew up in the Lake District, which was beautiful. My parents sold a hotel and moved up there for a quieter life and we went to a school of only 30 students. I remember loads of family bike rides, hiking and cooking. When I was thirteen I was given a book called The Herb Book by Arabella Boxer, it soon became my bible. It was a 70s-style book on how to grow your own herbs, their nutritional value and medicinal benefits, how to cook and heal with them, and how to make skincare. It is a book that has influenced me profoundly as it is a blend of everything I do today for Sans[ceuticals] beauty.


When did you decide to start up Sans[ceuticals] and why?

Six years ago I was trying to find products that were active, environmental, yet beautifully designed which was a struggle. I had a friend who was a top biotech scientist who was also a devout beauty junkie and after numerous conversations with her I decided to develop my own.

I had also been working with a number of great dermatologists both locally and internationally and discovered that there was one key ingredient that was their default or go-to: vitamin A. We delved into the research, which was astounding. What it was able to do on a cellular level was amazing and incredible at repairing UV damage, which is great for Antipodeans who are so susceptible. So we started with this ingredient as our foundation. And so the story goes…


Can you tell me a bit more about what sets Sans[ceuticals] beauty apart?

 Sans is a culmination of everything I love. It originally started out as an acronym for ‘sustainable and natural skincare’ and also means ‘without’ in French. I started developing Sans[ceuticals] with my scientist; looking into cosmeceutical technology – a term used for products that sit between prescription-only, pharmaceutical-grade formulations and cosmetics. We realized that the active ingredients that could work at a cellular level were usually naturally derived, isolated compounds used at high levels in formulations. We got really excited about this and looked into key ingredients that dermatologists rely on. Vitamin A was one and its research is so impressive. This became the hero of our range.

Why have you chosen to make almost all of your products vegan?

 It is a very easy question to answer; I love animals and don’t think they should have to. Anything that goes into your body or outside of your body should be as simple and effective as possible. With that in mind, our range of products offer ingredients that are pure and clean with actives dialled up so it performs at an optimum level. Outside of these natural ingredients, nothing else is needed. Our vegan-friendly collection is really a bi-product of this concept.

What’s your one health tip?

 Eat as many greens as possible but don’t forget to live a little!


What’s your best beauty tip?

 Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil without a doubt. It does everything! It’s a super serum that packs a punch with high concentrations of Vitamin A. I put a few drops in my face cream at night for an added boost, use it on the ends of my hair as a smoothing and hydrating serum, I shave my legs with it, remove my eye make-up (when I remember) and also use it post-shower as an amazing daily body oil.

What’s your average day like?

I have created a habit for myself where I don’t check my emails until I arrive at work, this way I get to wake up with my boys and sit down with them for breakfast. My weekdays are spent in our Sans HQ where I try and be as efficient with my time as possible. Come 3pm, I usually break the day up with a school pick-up and take the boys to the skate park or for an ice cream. I absolutely love cooking, so the evenings are usually spent with me in the kitchen and the boys watching movies.

Do you think you have a work/life balance?

I’m human, so if I said I exercised regularly and only drank green smoothies I’d be lying. I do yoga twice a week, but also enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir! As a mother, I try to engage my kids in the natural world as much as possible. I think it has a very grounding effect both psychologically and physically. Also, I like to live in a way that naturally supports our system through nutrition and wellbeing. I view this as a long-term investment.


What’s the best part of your job?

I seriously wake up every morning excited to get to work. As I love what I do, the best part is being able to collaborate with some of the most generous and talented women!


What words do you live by?

Love what you do and the rest will come!


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All images via Sans[ceuticals].

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