An Interview with the Founders of BLANK. Sunglasses

BLANK. sunglasses is the brand you have probably seen all over Instagram. Their sunglasses are super cool and edgy, without the huge price tag. Instead of being yet another brand name, with garish logos and branding they have stripped it back just to focus on great, trending design. BLANK. are the ultimate 'brand' without labels or branding. Read on to find out more about how they got started...


Tell me a bit about your childhood and how you feel that has influenced you today?

We are 3 guys all around 25 years old, who all grew up in slightly different, but very loving environments. All of our parents worked really hard, which resulted in a great principles at home. What influenced us most is when we all ended up in the same class in college and had to start a project together. This required us to set up a business plan for a non-existing business. Once we found out we could work together very well we decided to turn the business plan into an actual business. The result was: BLANK. sunglasses. What influenced us today about our childhoods, is that we grew up with parents that taught us that working hard is so important. As well as the college project that motivated us to actually start to work for our selves!


How did you get started in the fashion industry?

When we were set the task to write our business plan in college we had to decide on an industry. We eventually settled on fashion as we all had an interest in it. We all have different styles; which created the idea to start a brand that has styles for everyone. We later settled into the sunglasses sub-category and BLANK. was born. At first we all had jobs besides BLANK, but once it started quickly growing we decided to quit. This meant we could then focus all our energy on building the brand and searching for the latest trends ;-).


Has working with influencers always been key to the brand?

Yes, it has! Our business is mostly build around Instagram and Facebook; so it is important for us to focus on the latest trends that are filling people's Instagram feeds. At the start we had  some pictures of ourselves & close friends showcasing our different styles but once we gained a bigger following and had to post more to keep up momentum, we saw that we needed more pictures. That is when we started to accept influencer collaborations.


What is your favourite thing about having started BLANK. sunglasses?

It is amazing to be in a position to see your own company become more and more successful. We are really proud of what we have achieved up untill now. We are also incredibly happy knowing that we can design and create an amazing collection of sunglasses. It really is a challenge to find styles that fit everybody, so it really is both an opportunitiy and a challenge each time we design a new pair. It also allows us to think outside the box and add styles we might not wear ourselves and broaden our customer tastes.


What’s the best part of your job?

The best thing is when we see all our happy customers!

What were your biggest challenges in starting up a fashion accessories business?

The biggest challenge when starting up and even now is: how to be unique in a market full of competitors. It means we also have to challenge ourselves to find new ways of working on social platforms, being up to date with marketing details and always be on the forefront of new trends.


What makes BLANK. sunglasses stand out?

We feel like by being the brandless brand it really helps us stand out in the market. People understand the concept and our slogan BE YOUR OWN BRAND gives people the motivation to actually be who they want to be.

What’s been your biggest pinch me moment?

Hitting 100k on Instagram, but hitting 150k was even more unreal!


What inspires you?

Travelling inspires us, especailly spotting our customers in our sunglasses! Travelling also is great to get inspired for new trends for new sunglasses styles!


What’s your average day like? 

As a result of owning our own business every day is very different! However the following is the average day's routine: Wake up, have breakfast, work out, head to the office to check the latest trends, answer emails, collaborate etc, grab dinner (preferably with some friends and go for a drink or two), and finally make sure to get at least 6 hours of sleep!


Do you think you have a work/life balance?

It depends really! Our personal lives overlap with our work life as we also see each other outside of the office a lot. However, we do try to leave work at work and not take it home with us. This really allows us to fully enjoy the quality time we have with our family and friends. Nonetheless, every now and again we will work through some BLANK. projects in the evening.


What words do you live by?

BE YOUR OWN BRAND. This goes for all things in life; be you. Do what makes you feel good. Go for it!


What’s next for Blank Sunglasses?

Some new (exclusive) designs, new campaigns and when we hit 200k we plan to do some big things!


If you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed interviewing the BLANK. team feel free browse some more of my interviews here. If you are interested in checking out BLANK. sunglasses, you can find their site here. 

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