The Only Beach Accessories You Need


I find not only do these pieces somehow make a simple bikini or swimsuit so much more put together (is this even possible!) but they mean you don't have to constantly be worried about taking those jewellery pieces to put on once you head to the bar/restaurant/club (delete appropriately).


Aside from jewellery, a hat is invaluable to me on a day at the beach and I either take any favourite straw hat of the moment or a simple NYC black cap. Although I tan well I am very cautious about the sun and always make sure that my head and face can be covered as needed and that I either wear an SPF 30 or 50 and constantly reapply! That's it really! 


Some of my favourite memories growing up were definitely of days by the beach in Portugal and Spain, with not a care in the world, just enjoying the simple, free pleasures that are the sun and the sea. Although those days are gone and I imagine I will never again be quite so care-free, the beach for me continues to be one of the most truly relaxing places to go! 


Lately, I have really gotten into accessorising even when I'm by the beach, whether it is with a beach hat or cap (which I always bring with me) or jewellery and other accessories. As I don't like my accessories to interfere too much with my tan I tend to opt for simple jewellery pieces such as dainty necklaces, skinny woven bracelets and fine rings. 


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