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 It is no secret to any of those who know me that I love to go to bed early and wake up before anyone else! I have also recently found some tools that have really enhanced my beauty sleep by working magically while I sleep working on anti-ageing, smoothness and even improving the clarity of my skin. The one product that really kicked off all this was the Skin Laundry sleepcycle pillow case. 



The SleepCycle™ Pillowcase is treated with charged silver ion technology that provides a natural antimicrobial effect to help reduce the presence of harmful bacteria. Use it every night to help maintain cleaner, clearer skin while you sleep.




  • Innovative Natural Anti-Microbial effect which reduces bacteria by 99.9
  • Hypoallergenic, Comfortable and Non-Irritating


Upon first impressions, the Sleep Cycle pillow case looks and feels deceiving like any other white cotton pillow case but the beauty appears to be in what you can't see. For me, although I don't generally suffer from problematic skin, I was instantly freaked out by the idea that our pillow cases absorb the dirt/germs/dead skin cells from our face and then we lay down on them all over again, night after night! So onto my thoughts...After several days of using the pillowcase, I noticed little change in the pillow case itself but my skin did appear to look slightly clearer and less congested which I found interesting.


A couple weeks of using the pillow I found that the slightly clearer, smoother looking skin was here to stay and although I can't vouch for it clearer up acne/or spottier faces, my sensitive face did seem to benefit from the Skin Laundry Pillow.



After trying out Skin Laundry's sleepcycle pillow I got thinking about some of the other beauty tricks and tools I had heard to help your hair and skin while you sleep. I then decided to purchase a satin hair turban; widely known for its hair smoothing properties. Although I was initially hesitant about this (sleeping in a turban doesn't look sexy on everyone!) but I went for it and I noticed a GIANT GIANT GIANT difference!


My hair; which always tries to keep a light/medium frizz was suddenly smooth and has felt super silky ever since I started using the satin turban! Number 1 hair purchase of the year and for any of you that have hair more on the frizzy side, I couldn't recommend this more!


The Iluminage eye mask is something I have had for a while and thought it was worth a mention here as I love the idea that the copper-infused technology is helping any future wrinkles out and it's great whenever you sleep anywhere with lots of light! It is super soft and luxurious too so perfect when you are drifting off to sleep. I usually apply a deep absorbing facial oil, like this Skin & Tonic one (a current favourite!) and put on my mask ready for bed! Although this post is largely about beauty tools that work whilst I have been fast asleep, I needed to mention my favourite new gadget (if you can call it that!) that I use as soon as I wake; the jade face roller!


Again I had seen a few Instagram posts on these before, but honestly, there is nothing better than rolling it across my cheeks, forehead, neck and around my eyes for a cooling sensation and help with any swelling after a night of lying horizontally. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates: click here.



Thank you to Monty PR & Skin Laundry for kindly gifting me the Sleepcycle pillowcase. All reviews and opinions are my own as always!


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