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Happy Friday all! This week we have a real treat for you if you are interested in wellness products that really work.

For today's Friday Founder interview, we chatted to Dr. Simoné Laubscher, Formulator of WelleCo's range of nutritional supplements and Founder of Rejuv Wellness. If you haven't already heard of it, WelleCo is an Australian company, founded in 2014 by the model and entrepreneur Elle Macpherson.

WelleCo was born as a result of Elle's own personal wellness journey and discoveries, and is a pioneer of ingestible wellness. So, kick back with your morning coffee and read on to hear all about WelleCo from the formulator who made it all happen...


Morning Simone! Lovely to have you. Could you start by introducing WelleCo and your mission?

I am a nutritionist and naturopath, and am responsible for formulating much of WelleCo’s collection of plant-based ingestible beauty and wellness products, alongside WelleCo’s founder, Elle Macpherson. WelleCo firmly believes that beauty begins within and when you feel well, you’re more vibrant, confident, and capable to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, nurturing real beauty that is soul deep, not just skin deep. 

WelleCo was born from Elle’s personal experience; as a natural evolution of living her own wellness journey. Several years ago, Elle began to notice how run down she felt. She was struggling to sleep, her skin was dry and dull, her hair was brittle, she felt unmotivated and ultimately didn’t feel like herself anymore. Elle wanted answers, so she came to see me at my Rejuv Wellness clinic in Harley Street, London. I formulated my supercharged greens powder which provides a complex array of benefits in a simple, daily routine. Elle credits the powder with having helped her to feel well again. This all-in-one powdered solution formed the basis of WelleCo’s iconic super-greens formula, The Super Elixir™. Elle’s own experiences and the needs of the WelleCo community continue to drive the new products and solutions we develop, so it remains a very organic process.

"When taken daily with water, The Super Elixir™ is easily absorbed and nourishes the body right down to the cellular level."

At CAROLINAGMX, we love The Super Elixir™. Would you say that it is your hero product?

Every product in WelleCo’s collection of nutritional supplements has been created to play an important role in your wellness journey. The Super Elixir™, Nourishing Protein, and Sleep Welle Calming Tea provide powerful foundational support. The wider range allows you to tailor support to best meet your individual needs – whether that’s The Skin Elixir™ or The Collagen Elixir to support healthy, glowing skin, or The Hair Elixir to encourage thicker, stronger hair and fast-track growth. 

As the first product that I formulated for WelleCo, I will always champion The Super Elixir™. This incredible, all-in-one greens powder contains a carefully balanced blend of 40+ high-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients, including your daily dose of botanical herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. When taken daily with water, The Super Elixir™ is easily absorbed and nourishes the body right down to the cellular level. The powerful ingredients in this curated blend work in synergy to amplify their natural benefits in supporting healthy-looking skin, strong hair, and nails, and overall gut and immune system health, all while enhancing energy levels. 

The benefits seem infinite! How does WelleCo stand out from others in the segment?

WelleCo’s formulation philosophy is designed to nourish all 11 systems of the body at a cellular level. Each premium ingredient is added in scientifically calculated ratios that work synergistically to amplify benefits. Because of this, WelleCo is a pioneer within the ingestible beauty and wellness category and continues to innovate with its current product collection, pushing the boundaries and delivering wellness solutions that meet a consumer need, often led by insight and input from our community around the world. 

We consider it our responsibility at WelleCo to offer people the best possible support and products to evolve into the best version of themselves. And when they do, their growing sense of empowerment, clarity, and purpose will benefit one and all.

It is important to emphasise that WelleCo Elixirs undergo a stringent quality regime to test various protocols including the botanical profile, active ingredients, microbiology, and allergens such as gluten and dairy. WelleCo’s in-house Research and Development team ensures all products meet the highest quality standards globally including FSANZ, FDA, Proposition 65, and EFSA.

We love to hear that as we talk a lot about sensitive skin on our social channels, as you know. Would you say that you consider sensitive skin and allergies throughout the manufacturing process and when selecting ingredients, as well as testing? 

At WelleCo, we always think from a hypoallergenic viewpoint so as not to trigger allergic reactions in our clients. We are also big on calming inflammation since it is the common denominator with many skin conditions and diseases.

We are fussy about making sure our organic ingredients are handled gently and only cold pressed to make sure maximum bio-available nutrition is delivered at a cellular level in all of our products - both for adults and children alike. 

That’s awesome! And how does sustainability factor into WelleCo as a business?

All ingredients used by WelleCo are sustainably harvested from their native origin to protect the planet’s agricultural ecosystem, whilst ensuring that the nutrient profile is preserved and pesticide-free. WelleCo goes one step further than most other brands too, hand-picking its ingredient farm gates and ensuring that each has a sustainability programme in place to support its local community.

WelleCo also considers sustainability within its packaging; providing refillable caddies for its foundation products in the collection, including The Super Elixir™, Nourishing Protein, and Sleep Welle Calming Tea. In addition, WelleCo’s new products are presented in fully recyclable packaging, with most new packaging also now made from 100% recycled materials.

Thanks for sharing. As a consumer, it’s great to be aware of brands that are actually putting the work in to be more sustainable… Finally, what’s next for WelleCo?

WelleCo has just announced the launch of The PMS Elixir and The Goddess Elixir – two products that support your feminine core and help to strengthen the body’s innate regenerative process. The PMS Elixir relieves symptoms of premenstrual tension and supports healthy hormone balance, while The Goddess Elixir supports your journey through every stage of menopause; relieving symptoms, helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and mood balance, and maintaining mental clarity and focus. 

We will continue to expand the WelleCo collection throughout 2022 and beyond with some really exciting products to support body and mind, so watch this space!  


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