How to Get Glowy Skin in 5 Days

Recently I have really been searching for that Insta-glow that so many of the gorgeous girls I follow on Instagram have. However, I battle on and off with very sensitive skin so achieving a glowy face can sometimes be a struggle. Often I am too busy attempting to calm down whatever reaction my face has decided to create that going for a glowy look is out of the question. However, I have found a few easy tricks that seem to have a big impact in a good, glowy way! 


Although I love a highlighter and the magical powers it can have on your face, I also am a big skincare geek and love that natural glow. That is why I have come up with my very own #GLOWSQUAD for 5 easy ways I can (and you can too!) achieve glowy skin. Whether you are after a quick glow or a 'glow from within' these are 5 quick ways you can use together or on their own to create your own glowy face: 



I've found using a powder cleanser is a really good option for anyone with sensitive skin who still wants a little exfoliation. The powder particles emulsify really easily when you apply water and allow for a really lovely exfoliation without letting your skin overreact. My personal favourite at the moment is the Clinique fresh pressed sachets as not only are they super easy for travel due to their packaging but they are also efficient without irritating the skin. This is great as it means dead skin cells get scrubbed away, revealing your inner glow underneath... you're welcome!



It may seem silly but lately, I have been all about double layers when it comes to my skincare routine. Not only do I now double cleanse every night to truly get rid of any makeup, but I have also recently started to layer up my serums, creams and oils. During the day it might be a layer of serum and a layer of face cream or 2 layers of serums to not only absorb into the skin but to also plump up the skin with immediate results. For night I adopt a similar technique with either a serum and an oil or oils and creams to really treat my skin after a day out and about. Try honestly makes a difference.



When it comes to makeup getting the glow is even easier once your skin is already glowing naturally. I personally like bronzer/highlighter duos or palettes that contain everything you need in one to make things as easy as possible. Hourglass cosmetics, Bobbi Brown and many more all do great shimmery versions. Here I have a lovely bronzing highlighting combo by It Cosmetics which means I can bronze my face as normal and then go back in to highlight the areas of my face that need it. 



This is definitely a recent discovery of mine. I have recently adopted highlighting drops into my routine and especially for nights out, there is nothing that can beat them! They give you an incredible stand-out glow and really do last all night. I have started experimenting with different shades including pink-tones, white-tones or even my go-to bronzy tones; all of which look amazing on almost every skin tone!


Adding a cream shadow to my eyelids has really made all the difference to my face. Not only does a cream shadow seem to last longer than some of my other versions it also looks chic and natural. A cream shadow like this Tom Ford one is super easy to apply so perfectly for when you are in a rush to work or out for drinks as its hard to get it wrong! It also gives a subtle, glowy eye that really opens up your eyes without a lot of fuss. 

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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

Carolina started CarolinaGMX after working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 7 years. This has included roles at Burberry, Selfridges & Estée Lauder. Her favourite product is Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 Hours.

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