How I Got a White Smile in a Week

For me, although I have never felt as though I had particularly yellow teeth, with all the coffee and herbal teas I drink I was beginning to worry about the effect it was having. I had tried out whitening strips a few times for a white smile but other than that I haven't ever really tried any teeth whitening systems so when Smile Brilliant approached me to collaborate I felt curious enough to give it a go.

Firstly I loved how professional and well thought out the whole whitening system was; catering for sensitive teeth, and providing custom fitted trays so that your teeth are all whitened consistently without any missing patches. The system itself is very easy to use with clear instructions on how to create your custom trays (which are then sent back to the lab) and how to apply the whitening and desensitising gels.

My teeth, in general, are more on the sensitive side so after the first couple of applications I decided to leave a days gap before proceeding. This system seemed to work really well for me by leaving a day or 2 of a gap in between my whitening evenings to create a white smile.

I began noticing results pretty much after the third application as my teeth began to look whiter naturally which is really what I was looking for. I did about 2 weeks and a half until I decided to stop as I had reached my desired white smile shade but you can easily customise the system for you to get to a teeth shade that works for you. It also means I have whitening gel left so that whenever my teeth begin to show any signs of coffee stains in the future I can ensure they remain exactly how I like them! I really highly recommend Smile Brilliant for anyone on the lookout for an easy, efficient and customisable teeth whitening system that lasts. SHOP NOW.










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 The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening set was kindly gifted to me and all opinions are my own.


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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

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