How my Beauty Routine has Evolved over the Years



Interestingly, I wasn’t always super interested in beauty. In fact, I actually was a moisturiser-only kinda gal until I was probably around 20 when I started to get a bit more interested in skincare and what I was actually putting on my skin. Similarly, with makeup I was even less interested and associated it with those painted faces you so often see on the counter and pretty much exclusively only wore a MAC bronzer and nothing else throughout my teens and university years.


When I started working with my first job at Burberry I assumed that I should wear makeup so I started using the closest thing to no-makeup makeup which st the time was Bare Minerals foundation, which I loved for years! I’ve never been a huge makeup person, to be honest, and even now I generally prefer a much more natural look but over time (and working at a beauty brand) meant I grew to like it a lot more and how to create natural looks with makeup!


In contrast, however, Skincare is something over the last few years I have really grown to love and continue to love hearing about new innovations, IT ingredients and all the science behind taking care of your skin. My laid-back attitude to my skin was probably due to the fact growing up I never really experienced teenage skin, acne or any other issues that so many other people do so I never felt I had any skin concerns to treat. Whilst at university I discover beauty you tubers and loved watching them and it really drove me to love beauty but still, I kept things fairly simple in my own beauty routine.

Fast forward a few years however at 23 years old I started experiencing quite severe skin allergies that impacted my whole face with swelling and extreme redness. It got so bad that on some days I couldn’t actually open my eyes my face was so swollen! Which is crazy now I look back and thankfully don’t have it anymore.


This meant I spent hours and hours researching different skincare products and ingredients that could help and what could have been causing such a strong reaction. At this time I really began to see the power of skincare and the impact it can have when it really works. Luckily now I no longer suffer from skin allergies but it has meant my skin is incredibly sensitive after suffering such bad reactions so I am careful about the choices I make in my skincare.


These days I opt for a mix of natural and other products and brands which have simple but effective formulas that really work without causing my skin to go wild! However, after working the beauty industry for a few years and getting a substantial amount of gifted beauty it means my routine itself as really expanded and I find myself super excited about new products. So, all in all, it’s a balance but I’ve realised the impact great skincare can really have.


Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

Carolina started CarolinaGMX after working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 7 years. This has included roles at Burberry, Selfridges & Estée Lauder. Her favourite product is Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 Hours.

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