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'Becoming PH balanced' is a phrase that has been popping up alot in the past couple of years. And so, it has caused us to question- apart from vague memories of PH thermometers and litmus tests from GCSE science- what does this term actually mean in the real world? Does it really matter if your skin is PH balanced?

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing around with some Cipher skincare products; the Aussie brand focused on balancing the PH of your skin with active ingredients to help you get your best skin ever! In today's Cipher Skincare review, we will also be answering some of your top questions about PH balanced skin and revealing why it is so important.





First things first what is a PH?

PH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of a substance on a scale of 0-14. If something is acidic, it sits lower down on the scale (e.g 1-6), and if something is alkaline it sits higher up on the scale (e.g. 8-14). 7 is classed as PH neutral. When it comes to healthy skin, the PH level you should be aiming for is between 5-6 on the scale, as skin is slightly acidic in its most natural state.


What does PH balanced mean?

When it comes to balancing the PH of your skin, it is all about trying to get back to the 5-6 rank where it is at its most healthy. Skin that is too alkaline often manifests through irritation, dryness, and/or increased sensitivity. On the other end of the scale, skin that is too acidic can also become incredibly sensitive. However, acidic skin tends to manifest in the form of the overproduction of oil and acne.

In either case, your plan of action should involve using products that get your skin back into balance and help repair and improve the condition of your skincare barrier to support your overall PH.


What is the difference between being PH balanced vs PH neutral ?

Being PH balanced is all about being the right balance of acidity and alkalinity for the particular organ e.g. between 5-6 for the skin, whilst being PH neutral means being neither acidic nor alkaline at PH7. Being PH neutral should not be the goal when it comes to your skin, as a PH of 7 for the skin would be more alkaline than is ideal. Essentially, for all organs, the aim is to be PH balanced; whatever that might be on the PH scale.

How to get PH balanced?

To become PH balanced overall, it is important to eat a healthy and varied diet. Most greens sit on the alkaline side of the scale, which will obviously have an impact on your skin. When it comes to the skin -aside from eating your greens- the main way to achieve a PH balance is via the products you apply to your skin. Below our founder, Carolina, shares her thoughts as she reviews the Cipher skincare range. Carolina has reactive, allergy-prone skin with redness.


Cipher skincare is a brand incredibly focused on providing active ingredients at the right PH levels to make a real difference to your skin. They have a whole section of their site dedicated to the ins and outs of finding the PH sweet spot here, which is incredibly helpful if you are new to the world of PH balanced skincare. I tried their regime specifically tailored toward sensitive skin and have written up my thoughts below.


Cipher Skincare C-Shield Antioxidant Serum Review

This was my absolute favourite product from the range! This serum is really unlike any other that I’ve tried, in terms of texture. It is super lightweight and feels a bit like you are applying a juice or smoothie to your face... in the best way possible!  It includes 10% Vitamin C in its most stable form, which prevents the risk of oxidisation, plus lots of other goodies from hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and green coffee seed.

In terms of the benefits, it really helped plump up my skin and hydrate it, as well as soothing any redness or irritation I might have. Plus, I found the Vitamin C was the most gentle form that I have tried, as it can often be irritating for sensitive skin types. So win-win-win!

Cipher Skincare Beam Me Up Reparative Hydra Cream Review

For those of you who want a simple, lightweight face cream that nurtures your skin without too much fuss, then this is the one. It is super gentle and the first cream I have heard of that is both a face cream and an eye cream in one! Yes, really! For skin prone to redness, it uses a mix of wild indigo, cucumber and beta-glucan to calm the skin and neutralise redness. It also uses ceramides and peptides to help support your skin barrier over time for perfectly PH balanced skin.

Cipher Skincare The Potion Lipid Recovery Concentrate Review

For the final product in my sensitive skincare regime, I used Cipher skincare The Potion Oil for a super luxurious end to my evening with their 10 super seed mix. If you are a fan of facial oils, this is a fantastic one filled with fatty acids to really replenish the skin and supplement it when it needs it most. Again, I really felt the oil helped to calm my skin over time, bringing it back into balance and creating healthier-looking skin.


Overall, I am such a fan of each of the products I tried from Cipher skincare. I really like the luxurious simplicity of their packaging, as well as their focus on PH balanced ingredients and the transparency of the actives and mixes that they use to create their products. Whether you are interested in building PH balanced skin or not, it is a gorgeous brand and their products work on your skin health long-term, really feeding it back into balance.


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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

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