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Happy Friday all! As this glorious weather hits the U.K, you might tempted to forgo your daily makeup routine. The best way we have found to still look put together, no matter the weather - with or without mascara - is gorgeous jewellery.

In today’s interview, Katie Rowland, Head of Creative at Astley Clarke Jewellery, shares everything you need to know about this luxury brand.

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Good morning Katie! Please could you start by introducing your brand and your mission?

Astley Clarke is a collective of passionate, like-minded jewellery obsessives; a sisterhood inspired by the celestial. In 2007 we had a vision to develop and bridge the jewellery market between fast fashion costume jewellery and classic fine jewellery. You could say that we invented the demi-fine category 15 years ago, a category that is just now becoming popular. Now, we are a relaxed luxury brand that designs jewellery collections to be worn and layered every day, using only precious metals and natural gemstones. The pieces are easy to wear and made to last.

Our mission is simply to continue building and broadening this lifestyle brand for the Astley Clarke customer. We want to create somewhere for the Astley Clarke customer to shop and live her passions, but also a brand that grows with her. 

That’s an awesome mission. So, what is your hero piece?

The locket: a modern heirloom in the making which we love to personalise for our customers with their photos and engravings. We have so many options, from mini yet mighty in impact, to large diamond-encrusted showstoppers. We find it to be the perfect and most meaningful gift; it speaks to almost everyone. 

We have always invested in technology, over the years we have had ring stacking software and online charm bracelet builders, but our latest tech enables phone images to be uploaded to a locket which means they arrive with the photos already inside. It’s taken our hero piece to the next level and our customers love it! 

"We are here to make ‘forever’ pieces, not follow fads that promote over consumption, or a throw-away culture."

That is such a special touch. How is your brand different from others in the segment?

‘Jewellery made to last’ is part of our sustainability mission. Quality and craftsmanship may not be sexy to some, but it is to us. We are here to make ‘forever’ pieces, not follow fads that promote over consumption, or a throw-away culture. 

At Astley Clarke we elevate everyday pieces, bringing joy with a relaxed approach to our jewellery. For example, we love the idea of wearing denim with diamonds. We also promote storytelling to capture moments through our take on modern heirlooms: for example, our lockets. We believe it’s not just about the piece you buy, but how you wear it and what it means to you. Astley Clarke is a brand that follows you on your journey.        

I love that! So, how does sustainability factor into your business?

It factors into the business in every way, from the loo paper in the office and our internal recycling, to the journey we are on right now developing plastic-free jewellery boxes that you can keep your treasures in. We share the same principles and values of treating our people and the environment with respect. Our purpose is to design and make jewellery that will last. We have also just become an accredited member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which we are hugely proud of. All of our suppliers are also members, meaning customers can trust our supply chain and materials. 

That’s so important. What’s next for Astley Clarke as a brand?

That would be telling… We are launching a collection this summer that embraces our soulful side through meaningful gemstones. The collection is a collaboration with beauty brand Balance Me and will definitely add a little colour to your wardrobe.

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