Make The Sustainable Swap To Shampoo Bars



Small changes to your beauty routine can make a big impact.

Shampoo bars are just one small way in which you can help to protect our planet and live a more sustainable lifestyle. By choosing brands that use all-natural, organic ingredients and package their products in biodegradable, recyclable materials, you are actively seeking a more sustainable way of living.





Our Contributing Writer Cordelia has been transitioning to shampoo bars over the past few months and below, she shares her thoughts. So, if you are interested in making the transition to shampoo bars, just keep reading.

Cordelia has dry and sensitised skin.

What's the deal with shampoo bars?

Well, shampoo bars are more sustainable because they use less water, less plastic packaging and can often last up to 80-100 washes (much longer than regular shampoo bottles). This means that shampoo bars are both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. What’s more, most shampoo bars are full of natural elements only, no toxins and are often vegan-friendly. Shampoo bars are also a great option for sensitive skin as they are gentle on the scalp and irritation-free. What a great way to be kind to the environment and your body, from tip to toe.

What brands shall I try?


With more than 10 different shampoo bars available, packed full of essential oils and only natural ingredients, there is something for every hair type at LUSH. All shampoo bars are 100% vegetarian and a single bar can last for up to 80 washes! Try the Coconut Rice Cake bar for the ultimate hydrating coconut lather, or the new Godiva Lucky Coin, a dreamy, jasmine-scented conditioning shampoo. The bars are colourful and visually exciting too which is a big plus!


Faith In Nature

Faith in Nature offers paraben-free and sulphate-free shampoo bars, which are vegan society approved and 100% natural. They come in a selection of different fragrances, each benefiting an array of hair types. Their Dragon Fruit shampoo bar, which is rich in antioxidants, is perfect for strengthening weak, damaged hair and leaving your scalp and locks revitalised. Alternatively, try their Coconut & Shea Butter bar which provides all-round natural hydration for your those with drier hair types.



For a luxurious shampoo bar that has all the perks of your usual high-end bottle, look no further! Odacite launched their first-ever shampoo bar last year, so if you suffer from a sensitive scalp but are after a luxurious product then this is a great option. Named the 552M shampoo bar as a homage to the 552 Million plastic shampoo bottles that end up in landfills every year, this bar is formulated to care for both your hair and scalp (as well as the environment). Not only is each shampoo bar the equivalent of the contents of 3 shampoo bottles, but it also comes in a full size and a mini size, which is perfect for mini-breaks. Finally, the magical blend of castor, coconut and argan oil, plus Cupuacu butter, means it works for all hair types, all the while protecting your scalp from sensitivities.


Bain & Savon

Bain & Savon’s Botanical shampoo bar with cornflowers and marshmallow oil is the perfect cure for dry, itchy scalps. The sweet almond oil will help to nourish and condition hair, whilst potentially encouraging growth, while the vitamins in the oil will also help treat hair loss, split ends and frizzy or dull hair. If you needed another excuse to give it a try, the bar is vegan and uses no chemical preservatives. It’s a no brainer!


Kind2 shampoo bars are all vegan and free from plastic, sulphates, parabens, silicones, soap and plastic. The Sensitive One is extra gentle with chia seeds and camellia oils to soothe and calm you. The perfect treat after a hectic day!



An individual Ethique shampoo bar provides the equivalent of 3 bottles of normal shampoo and is 100% soap-free, PH- balanced and super gentle. Their Bar Minimum is great for sensitive scalps as it is an unscented solid shampoo containing betaine (from sugar beets) which is clinically proven to reduce irritation and balance hydration in the scalp and hair. Another popular shampoo bar is their Heali Kiwi shampoo bar which is ideal for treating dandruff and scalp problems as the oatmeal and selection of ancient ayurvedic calms and nourishes even the most sensitive of scalps.


Earth Kind

Made in the UK, using only natural, sustainable oils with high-quality composition, Earth Kind bars are another go-to for shampoo bar lovers. If you have dry hair, try their Bergamont & Sage bar for its rich and nourishing ingredients that include a mix of organic avocado and olive oils that work to give your strands long-lasting moisture and rich shine.

Now that you have your recommendations and are thinking about buying a shampoo bar, you may be wondering how on earth you actually use them... Don't worry, we've created an easy step-by-step guide below so you can't go wrong!

  1. Lather into wet hair by rubbing the bar between your hands and stroking it over your hair a few times
  2. Massage the foam into your scalp and through your hair
  3. Rinse and leave the bar out to dry - ready to be used again, and again, and again!

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THOUGHTS BY— Cordelia Aspinall

EDITED BY— Gabriela Godinho-Moxon




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Cordelia Aspinall
Cordelia Aspinall

Cordelia is a Bristol University Spanish Graduate living in London. She is totally obsessed with living a healthy, happy lifestyle and cannot live without her Nivea pearly shine lip balm and Aveeno body lotion.


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