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"Skincare that celebrates your skin chemistry." That is how Plenaire skincare describe themselves. We have heard a bit about Plenaire skincare for a while now, so, naturally, we were dying to try out some products for ourselves.


Plenaire is a skincare brand made in the UK, with 100% vegan and cruelty-free products and an emphasis on clean ingredients and sustainability... essentially skincare that is right up our street.



Over the past couple of weeks, our Editor Gabriela has been trying out three of the most talked-about Plenaire skincare products. So, just keep reading for the full skincare review.


Gabriela tried out the following three products: Plenaire Skin Frosting Mask, Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel and Plenaire Rose Jelly Makeup Remover. Gabriela has environmentally-sensitive, combination skin, prone to spots and some dryness.


Plenaire Skin Frosting Mask

The entire Plenaire skincare range focuses on clean ingredients, but this mask is specifically formulated with sensitive and dry skin in mind. It is no secret that face masks are my self-care kryptonite, so I was really excited to try this product!

The instructions advised applying a thick layer to cleansed, dry skin and leaving it for about 15-20 minutes. When I began to apply the Plenaire Skin Frosting to my skin I started to realise the reason for the name... Plenaire Skin Frosting really feels like icing or frosting and even smells a bit like it. It certainly feels like a treat, and I could already tell it was going to be super hydrating.

Plenaire Skin Frosting is easy enough to apply and I found it to be a really hydrating, lovely mask. The mask penetrated into my skin easily and, wiping off the excess with a warm washcloth was a really low-maintenance way to take off the product.

The next day, my skin felt brighter and really moisturised. I would definitely recommend Plenaire Skin Frosting as a great way to treat yourself after a long and hectic week!

Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel

This product is a 50ml tube of goodness and versatility. It is the perfect moisturiser for anyone needing a lightweight, cooling and easily absorbing gel. The instructions advise using the product daily after cleansing and massaging 2-3 droplets onto your face.

I love the consistency of Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel as it is exactly what it promises to be; extremely lightweight. I like to layer it on after my serum for full skin nourishment. An energising, easy-to-use gel for a range of uses; I would definitely recommend this product!

Plenaire Rose Jelly Makeup Remover

Saving the best until last... The final product I tried out from the range was Plenaire Rose Jelly Makeup remover. As I mentioned in Our Review of Neutrogena Clear And Soothe I am always a little anxious of trying out jelly micellar makeup removers or gels because I have had many experiences where I end up with a bunch of makeup in my eyes- not ideal!

However, I need not have worried about that happening with this product. Plenaire Rose Jelly Makeup Remover promises to work rapidly to dissolve makeup and impurities while soothing and cooling skin, and it really did just that!

Following the instructions, I applied Plenaire Rose Jelly Makeup Remover on dry skin and splashed some water onto my face to create a milky wash that I massaged over my skin. It melted the makeup off my face super easily and even my heavy eye makeup came off without rubbing. I will definitely continue to use this product!

Who Would Suit This Range?

These products are suitable for dry skins that are in need of hydration and a little pampering. I would recommend adding the above products into your current skincare routine and seeing how they fit. Plenaire Skin Frosting Mask might be a little intense for some people, but Plenaire Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel and Plenaire Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover should work for most skin types.


Any reactions?

Personally, I didn't feel any sensitivity or adverse reaction from my skin over the time where I trialled the products. That being said, I would recommend patch testing Plenaire Skin Frosting Mask prior to use as this product is very thick and may not work for everyone.


Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed trying these products from Plenaire skincare. My favourite product was Plenaire Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover as there is nothing I love more than a low-maintenance makeup remover to make the process of removing my makeup as quick as possible. I was really impressed that all Plenaire beauty products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free too. I am intrigued to try out more of their range.



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THOUGHTS BY— Gabriela Godinho-Moxon

EDITED BY— Gabriela Godinho-Moxon




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Gabriela - Editor

Gabriela is a London-based writer and creative, working in marketing. Her favourite skincare product is Darphin’s Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate.

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