My Makeup Removal Routine

I personally love the whole routine of removing my makeup. I love coming home from work and taking a few minutes to really care for my skin while removing the makeup from the day. As I have suffered from pretty sensitive skin in the past I like to opt for gentle and simple products to get the job done and currently I am loving the combination of coconut oil and charcoal soap. To kick things off I take about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and start massaging into into my face and neck, working through my eyes and eyelashes last until I really feel my mascara has begun to come away from the eyelashes. Then I use my Makeup eraser or a muslin cloth with some warm water to wipe away the makeup. I find that the combination of the coconut oil and a cloth really allows the makeup to to melt off without too much hassle.


To finish off I like to use a less rich cleanser to double-cleanse and remove any last traces of makeup before I apply a face oil or moisturiser. At the moment I am really enjoying using a charcoal soap by Soapwalla which I actually reviewed here. Even though my skin is normal and not oily I find it really nice to clear the skin and leaves your skin moisturised rather than stripped of any goodness. That is it...I then follow with my night skincare routine.



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