My Simple Eyes Routine

Today I thought I would share with you my simple eye routine...a look I might wear to work or if I am out and about. To be completely honest, although I love beauty I can generally be quite lazy when it comes to my makeup so for me my products need to be easy to use, quick and vegan of course! This means on the average day I wear little makeup but what I do wear really has to last. I'm not joking when I say my eyes routine is simple; it only has only 2 steps...eyeliner and  mascara! So first things first let's get to the eyeliner! 

1. Eyeliner

All I really do is start at the inner corner of my eye moving the felt tip liner slowly in a straight line to the outer corner of my eye, stretching back the eye slightly with my other hand. I find that slightly stretching back the eyelid just helps to make it easier to create a straighter line. When I reach the outer corner of the eye I then create a dot of where I want the eyeliner to end and work my way backwards from the dot back to the eye to create a simple, small flick. This is the thickest width of the eyeliner. I do chop and change my eyeliner but the one I am currently using is the Kat von D Tattoo Liner.

2. Mascara

For mascara I simply look down and brush the mascara wand upwards from the root of the last to the end. I do this a few times on each side and then I will look straight ahead and do another layer to even out the mascara across the width of the eyelashes. Sometimes I only apply mascara on the top lash and leave the bottom natural which is what I did today to leave the look a little more undone. I used Two Faced Better than Sex Mascara here.


And that's it! Nothing more to it! I think a quick combination of mascara and flick of eyeliner can really completely change your look and make you look a lot more complete without lots of extra work! 




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