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Ever so suddenly the freezing cold weather of winter has descended on London and it is sooo sooo cold!! I am generally not the greatest at being cold and a big part of that is definitely the fact that I am very lazy about wearing the winter essentials; gloves, hats etc. As well as the fact that I also generally not a fan of clothing layers. So instead, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to invest in a fun, oversized puffer jacket by the brand Puffa. Not only does it keep me super snug but also help me during any times I "accidentally" forget to layer up. 



All the while I was looking for cosy, warm Puffa jackets I got nominated for the UK Blog Awards! I am so excited about this as it is the first blogging awards I have ever been nominated for and I would be over the moon to get to the next round of judging so fingers crossed! Thank you to everyone who voted for me!  All your love and support is very much appreciated! 



Now back to the fashion! I ended up going for the oversized wrap collar jacket by the original puffer jacket company: Puffa! I hadn't heard of them in a while, but they used to be the go-to jacket company back in the 70s and 80s and I really love what they have been coming out with recently.


I actually bought 2 of their different Puffa jackets; also going for a velvet cropped jacket in deep blue which I fell in love with too! The millennial pink Puffa jacket I am wearing here in the photos though is a personal favourite and I love the way it looks as well as just how warm and cosy it is!  A lot has been going around recently about millennial pink and how trendy it is and I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon and have become obsessed with the shade myself! I especially love it in this jacket as it really gives a pop of colour when you are walking around in winter. 


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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

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