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Marketed toward those of us who find most beauty products irritating due to harsh ingredients or strong chemicals, Doll10 beauty believes getting ready should be easy.

Doll 10 beauty preaches that everyone deserves 10-minutes of ‘me’ time a day in order to get dolled up. Created by the inspiring Dr. Doris Dalton, a former Mrs America and cancer survivor, this makeup range is more than makeup and provides proven beauty solutions.





The active ingredients in the Doll10 range aim to solve our skin issues, rather than just cover them up, and each product has been carefully formulated to do just that.

Below, our contributing writer Amy shares her thoughts after trying Doll10 beauty for the first time. Amy has dry, eczema-prone, sensitive skin and suffers from milia on her face.

Doll Skin Perfecting Treatment Powder

This unique powder formula states that it can be used under foundation or over, to set your makeup. Containing hyaluronic acid for plumping, extracts of aloe vera to hydrate and Vitamin C for brightening, this loose powder is a triple threat that promises to wrap the skin in a cocoon of protection, smoothing your skin texture in the process. As someone with dry, eczema-prone skin, I am thoroughly impressed with this product! I have found that it works best when applied with a smaller, flatter brush over a big fluffy one as it provides more precision to leave my skin set for the day, with a silky finish. I would highly recommend the Doll Skin Perfecting Treatment Powder for those looking for a satin finish to the skin, rather than a matte look. I personally love it, and what I love even more is that I only have to apply it once a day!


Smooth Assist Multi-Tasking Eye Primer

An absolute game-changer of a product if you’re looking for your makeup to last all day (and potentially all night too). If you’re of the opinion, as I was admittedly, that incorporating an eye primer into your routine is an unnecessary step, watch this space. Packaged and applied much like a concealer, the Smooth Assist Multi-Tasking Eye Primer does exactly what it says on the box. It blends out super easily, helps to intensify your eyeshadow and genuinely keeps it in place for longer. A new step in my makeup routine that I have warmly welcomed.

Effortlash XL Lash Expanding Mascara

Containing Biotin, Castor Oil and Vitamin B, from just a glance, this mascara suggests it might fully coat your eyelashes and promote growth. After using it, I would definitely agree! The soft, balmy formulation feels lovely to apply as well  – the only downside would be that, as the formulation is so soft and glossy, you have to be careful not to smudge the product. The wand itself has fewer bristles than most mascaras I have used in the past and is a plastic, sleek shape that separates and coats each lash very well. This mascara would be great for a natural daytime look as it is super moisturising and buildable, giving your lashes that gorgeous fanned effect.

OverArchiever Precision Microblading Brow Pencil

Both ultra-fine and creamy, this double-ended product has a spoolie one end and a pencil on the other. The spoolie has a lid to help keep it from accumulating dust or hairs, which I found particularly handy! I used the pencil in quick, thin strokes, brushed it out with the spoolie and applied a brow gel on top to make my brows stay all day long. This product does a great job of making the brows appear fuller, without crossing over into scouse brow territory... The pencil is extra thin with an edge, so it's ideal for simulating hairs. It can also be easily smudged and blended if you mess up! A perfect starter tool for someone trying to tame their brows.

TCE Super Coverage Beauty Bounce Sponge

When it comes to the effectiveness of a sponge, a lot is riding on its size and shape. This Doll10 Beauty Bounce Sponge is a joy to use and the perfect size! Its narrowness allows me to get into the smaller areas of my face, which is super helpful when blending out concealer; I find that this can be a bit clumsy with a standard size beauty blender. For best results, wet the sponge before blending out concealer and use it dry for applying powder. This is a multi-use tool which can be easily transported due to its slim sizing, which is a huge benefit if you are always on the go. I didn’t notice any over-absorbing of product either, which can be a common gripe with using sponges instead of brushes.

Lip Brilliance Deep Conditioning Lip Enhancer

Formulated with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract and Sunflower Seed Oil, this lip enhancer is described as a serum over a gloss, which is actually the perfect description. It gives the lips a subtle shine, conditions and moisturises while adding an ever-so-slight bit of colour. I wear this on its own for a natural shine and it feels like a real upgrade from my usual lip balms as it is long-lasting, creamy and not super-sticky. If you’re somebody who suffers from dry lips and you find that even the most moisturising lipsticks dry out your lips after a few hours, I would definitely recommend the Lip Enhancer to revitalise and condition your lips.

Final Thoughts

I have been pleasantly surprised by pretty much every Doll10 beauty product I have tried over the past few weeks, mainly due to the sophistication of the ingredients that make up some really effective products. I would absolutely recommend this brand to individuals looking for a hybrid of skincare in makeup at a budget-friendly price point. My hero product would have to be the Doll 10 Skin Perfecting Treatment Powder, which is ideal for dry and sensitive skin due to the hydration-magnet, hyaluronic acid. Every product did exactly what it claims to do on the packaging, which is a real credit to the brand. Not only that, but all products are cruelty-free and void of potentially irritating chemicals. Doll10 Beauty is one to watch for sure and a refreshing new addition to my makeup bag.

Have you tried Doll10 Beauty? What products would you like to try? Let us know by tagging us @CAROLINAGMX on Insta.


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Amy Arfi
Amy Arfi

Amy is a freelance writer with an editorial background and a passion for beauty. Her favourite product right now is the ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation.

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