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Skincare supplements have become a huge focal point in recent years from Rejuvenated Collagen Shots to biotin and Welleco ‘s The Super Elixir.


Always keen to try the next big thing for skin, we decided to give some of the most and least well-known vitamin brands a try. Keep reading to find out which we felt truly made a difference to our skin.








Below our founder, Carolina shares her thoughts as she reviews her favourite vitamins for skin and hair. Carolina has reactive, allergy-prone skin with redness.


Despite suffering from super sensitive skin for years, I have not actually ever dabbled in skincare supplements or collagen. However, a few months ago (when Lockdown was really kicking off) whilst I researched the best vitamins for immunity, I somehow got distracted by the world of vitamins for skin and hair!

Rejuvenated Collagen

Rejuvenated skin supplements were first on my list to try and, I have to say, have become a true staple in my household. The Rejuvenated philosophy is all about using 100% active and natural ingredients that promote long term benefits to both your skin and your overall health.

This means that you are more likely to see results quickly, as well as over the long term! What I also liked was that all of their products are created free from gluten, sugar and lactose; so they are perfect if you are gluten-free or dairy intolerant. From a sustainability perspective, they also aim to become entirely plastic-free by the end of 2020!


Rejuvenated Collagen Shots Review

Now it's time to get into the nitty-gritty: the products. I tried various products across the range but, my favourites were Rejuvenated Collagen Shots & their Skin Perfecting Complex. I was expecting great things when it came to the Rejuvenated Collagen Shots because of the number of beauty & wellness awards it had won and... I was not disappointed.


The rise in collagen for skin supplements has really skyrocketed after new data was released that showed that after the age of 25 your collagen reduces at a rate of 1.5% a year! EEK! For the Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, the blend of marine hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, acai berry and vitamins B & C is supposed to not only improve skin elasticity but also help to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and even dry skin.


Personally, I noticed my skin seemed to look clearer and more radiant after two weeks. After 3-4 weeks, my face continued to glow and look healthy but also seemed to be plumper too. I noticed visible results in a short space of time but not only that; as I continued taking the collagen shots, the better the results became. A true winner for me!



Rejuvenated Skin Perfecting Complex Review

Rejuvenated's Skin Perfecting Complex comes in the form of a supplement, rather than a powder (like the Collagen Shots). Additionally, as collagen is a protein it cannot really be vegan, however, this formula is the first version of ‘vegan collagen’. Their scientists have created an incredible blend of vegan amino acids to promote collagen synthesis, which results in better-looking skin.


I honestly loved this product, and I noticed a real difference in my skin. Even more so than the Rejuvenated Collagen Shots! They recommend this product for those wanting a collagen boost and, in particular, for people who have sensitive, inflamed skin, acne-prone or polluted city skin, and even those who suffer from eczema and rosacea! As someone who suffers from extreme sensitivity and persistent redness, I noticed a difference in my skin after only a few days! I purposely made sure not to change anything else in my beauty drawer or my diet over this period to make my results as easy to track as possible. If you are only after one collagen skin supplement, then this is the one I would recommend.


GP Nutrition

GP Nutrition is the supplements company by London-based nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, with cute little kits that make it super easy to supplement your lifestyle. Although they are not specifically intended for skin and hair, her holistic supplements really work to support the whole body in making you feel good, as well as look good. Much like Rejuvenated, GP Nutrition focuses on the highest grade ingredients to ensure faster absorption into the body. This means the results are noticeable and fast! Her kits are categorised by concern, so I really recommend having a browse on her site here to find the best solution for you.


GP Nutrition Clean Me Review

I have tried a few different ones from the GP Nutrition Gold Everyday Supplement to the Calm Me Collection and my absolute favourite was definitely The Clean Me. GP Nutrition supplements work unlike any other vitamin or supplement I have taken in that they have vitamins (which must be taken at specific times) and a powder to mix with water (that tastes great).

Plus, unlike your classic multivitamin, I felt so much better and my skin looked healthier; all in less than a week. I now take GP Nutrition Clean Me without fail almost every day. It not only helps my immunity but also, my skin.


And Now for the most luxurious in our skincare supplements review: WelleCo. The brand created by Elle Macpherson offers more than just aesthetics and fancy packaging, their formulas take into account the average imbalances of an adult and look at how to use specific high-quality ingredients to boost the way you look and feel. Their most famous product is the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens; I tried the all-in-one supplement and must admit I was impressed.


WelleCo Super Elixir Greens Review

Though this supplement is more expensive than others on the list, The WelleCo Super Elixir actually feels like a real treat through the +40 ingredient mix that helps you feel good quickly. Though not as powerful as the GP Nutrition Clean Me, this is a fantastic one if you want to take in a huge number of benefits in one go – from shiitake mushrooms, to aloe vera, acai and even probiotics; it is all in there!


Advanced Nutrition Programme

Much like the rest of the skincare supplements we love and have highlighted on this list Advanced Nutrition Programme is a premium range of supplements that use only the highest quality ingredients to truly provide the best benefits. In terms of problem-solving, Advanced Nutrition Programme really provides you with a vast range of options depending on your skin concern and needs. This means that you can really tailor the blend for the specific results you are after.


Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Moisture Lock Review

If you are after skincare supplements that really support with anti-ageing then the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Moisture Lock is the one for you. It combines a mix of hyaluronic acid and ceramides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even deeper wrinkles by plumping and smoothing out the skin.

Based on their studies people who used these supplements reported that hydration increased by 64%, wrinkles reduced by 28% and skin smoothness increased by 20%! Personally, I really liked this one for reducing the appearance of some of my fine lines and helping with the texture of my skin. I often use topical ceramides, so this really appealed to me and provided some great results after several weeks of using it!



We hope you enjoyed reading. If you fancy giving any of our favourite skin supplements a go, let us know by posting a pic of the products with the #TryingwithCarolinaGMX and tag us @carolinagmx.

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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

Carolina started CarolinaGMX after working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 7 years. This has included roles at Burberry, Selfridges & Estée Lauder. Her favourite product is Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 Hours.

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