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Can you believe it is December already? The temperatures have plummeted, the knitted jumpers are on and the advent calendars are being tucked into.

With the cold Winter air on our faces, there has never been a better time to reset and repair our skin barriers. If you are wondering how to go about this, we have the perfect Friday Founder Interview for you.

Freya + Bailey is a skincare brand that can help you to undo stress on your skin and get you to 'glow forward'. Read on to learn more about this exciting skincare brand, through our chat with the brand's Chief Marketing Officer, Abbie Oguntade. 

Morning Abbie! We are so excited to have you. Please could you start by introducing your brand Freya + Bailey and your mission?

The treadmill of modern life means brains and bodies are always ‘on’. Stress not only manifests itself as anxiety, low mood, and insomnia, but it can also show up on our skin. I learned first-hand the impact that stress can have on the skin. I had a fantastic but full-on job that involved a lot of pressure and a lot of travel. I was busy ticking those life boxes - career, house, family - but the stress was immense. On paper, I was living the dream. Then, I suddenly developed stress-related acne. I was mortified. Having problem skin forced me to re-evaluate my life. I eventually found a plan that worked for me thanks to a skin resilience beauty approach and the clinical team I now partner with at Freya + Bailey.

Our mission is to transform the way people feel about their skin through effective, science-backed products and mental health advocacy.  The skin has such a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves. All of our products have been tested and every single ingredient we use has clinical research to back its efficacy. We also believe that the journey to healthy-looking skin is equally important - we want you to enjoy it.  Listening to what our customers need and crafting products that change the way they feel about themselves is what I love most about being in this industry. I am incredibly committed to changing the conversation around skin, to shift it away from aspiring to 'perfect' skin because we know that that's not realistic. We try to take an intersectional approach to creating our products, campaigns, and company culture.

I imagine lots of skincare fanatics will be relieved to hear that messaging around perfect skin. What would you say is Freya + Bailey’s hero product?

Our multi-award-winning Reboot Superfoods Resilience Moisturiser is truly an ‘everything’ cream. If you tend to be oilier, you might only use it once a day, but otherwise, you can use it morning and night. It repairs the skin barrier but won't interact with anything else you may be using.  Our version without essential oils has enough occlusivity and actives to treat dry, sensitive-prone skin. On top of instantly hydrating the skin, this lipid and prebiotic-packed moisturiser helps restore the skin barrier to minimise redness and keep moisture from getting out.

"Our multi-award-winning Reboot Superfoods Resilience Moisturiser is truly an ‘everything’ cream."

I need to try that! Skin barrier repairers can really transform your skin. How is Freya + Bailey different from other brands in the segment?

Well, we started by looking at the market. We wanted to take what was broken and consumer pain points to make something even better. We are very lucky to have a vertically integrated business, which allows for maximum control and creative freedom. Our focus is on barrier health which is not about hydration or even moisturisation and we invest in research, which is not always the case with independent brands.  We are very much a cleanical brand, combining highly active, plant-derived extracts (and omitting potentially sensitising fragrance), to directly tackle specific skin concerns.

Targeted skincare products just make sense nowadays. Everyone has some kind of skincare goal they want to work on. In what ways do you consider sensitive skin and allergies throughout the manufacturing process and when selecting ingredients? 

We specialise in addressing stress-related issues and damage from the all-too-present external aggressors of our modern-day lives. We do so with a collection of products that are centered on wellbeing and proactively managing the ever-changing needs of the skin, particularly reactive skin. We prioritise ingredients that will help to restore the natural hydrolipidic barrier of the skin with all products aligning with the natural PH of the skin to maintain its balance. This is key for sensitive-prone skin! Our ingredients support a healthy skin microbiome. 

Having worked for many years with customers facing different types of skin challenges, the remedial properties of natural ingredients are really extraordinary for stress-prone skin. So, from day one we have used therapeutic and soothing natural ingredients while avoiding common potential skin irritants, like artificial fragrances or high concentrations of essential oils.

That is really important to us at CAROLINAGMX! And how does sustainability factor into your business?

We do our own research and development within a small closed loop for maximum ownership and responsibility. From the vetted suppliers that cultivate our ingredients, to our product formulation, production, and design of sustainable packaging solutions. For us, sustainability isn't about marketing, it's just the way we've always done business. You can't be a green company without a green product, and that means everything from ingredients to manufacturing to packaging needs to take the planet into account. We use only natural products that are 100% vegan, we plant trees and are incredibly proud of our carbon-neutral program, our plant inks, and the FSC-certified materials used across our packaging. This year, we introduced refills and are rolling this out across the ranges. Truly, sustainability is central to all aspects of our business.

That’s wonderful. We love to see skincare brands taking sustainability seriously! So, what’s next for Freya + Bailey?

We will continue to innovate and champion natural materials! While we have a few things in the pipeline (including our first foray into color with the upcoming launch of our Hyaluronic and Peptide Lip flushes), we are not a brand that will churn out new propositions unnecessarily. That approach is not a sustainable philosophy and I believe that it's part of my responsibility; to ensure we’re using our beauty business as a force for positive change. 

Our product roadmap is led by customer insight and needs. Clearly, making efficacious formulas that deliver textures, touch, feel, and penetration - while using natural excipients - takes time and we are committed to giving it that time.  We look forward to delighting and supporting our customers for better skin days with our fusion of scientifically-proven ingredients that deliver visibly powerful results.

Like what you read? Head to Freya + Bailey to learn more!

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