Retinol, Vitamin C & Microdermabrasion: The Trio changing my face


Working in the beauty world means I definitely have a huge curiosity for what’s new; whether it’s a hot new ingredient, new beauty tech or way in which a product is made. However, having sensitive skin that really does react with anything new makes it hard to find the balance of trying out new, exciting things and keeping my skin calm. However, sometimes the perfect balance arrives of potent ingredients that are gentle enough to not cause any major reactions; enter Clinique’s Fresh-pressed Clinical with both Vitamin C and A. This duo launched a few months ago but Clinique’s Fresh-pressed Vitamin C has been around for a while and has always been one of my go-to’s for brightened, smoother skin. What I like now that they have combined the two is that I can get both the benefits of Vitamin C but also Vitamin A (retinol) in the evening.


I use the duo probably once every 3-4 weeks and when I do I make sure to only use it only for a week for maximum potency. For me, another key draw of this product combo is when I feel I am in need of brighter, smoother and more glowy skin is that I can add it into my skincare routine without actually disrupting my routine. I can still use the same serum, moisturiser etc etc that I want to both day and night but just add a few drops of the Vitamin C to my morning moisturiser and same for Vitamin A in the evening to my night cream.


Next step microdermabrasion… although I had kind of been hearing about it for a while I wasn’t entirely sure what it was but after being kindly gifted the Michael Todd Sonic refresher tool I decided to read up a bit more on the topic. Essentially it is a tool the uses fine crystals and ‘vacuum’s’ out the dead skin cells and can help increase the collogen production in the skin as well as improve skin texture and tone. I have only been using it once every 3-4 weeks (when i’m not using Clinique’s Fresh Pressed Clinical) but really did feel like I noticed immediate results on my skin particularly where it came to skin texture.  For me the tool is really easy to use, wasn’t irritating at all and one I can really see the benefits of using.


Overall the combination of Vitamin C, Retinol and microdermabrasion has really improved the overall look of my skin close up and just makes me look a lot more glowy the usual. Each product in this trio can have a tendency to be quite harsh on the skin; in particular, Retinol which had quite a bad reputation once it started coming into the mainstream. However what I love is that both Clinique and Michael Todd have found ways to keep efficiency at the centre but creating formulas or tools that are still gentle and non-irritating without scrimping on the results.




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