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Björk & Berries is an innovative, family-owned skincare brand, founded by CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt, that takes pride in its sustainable, authentic, natural ingredients and Swedish origin.

Björk, the Swedish word for Birch - known in Sweden as the life-giving tree - is a signature ingredient in Björk & Berries products, as well as sea buckthorn, blueberries and other select plants and herbs grown in their own mountain garden.


Combining the latest technology with naturally grown ingredients, Björk & Berries strive to create luxuriously formulated products,  abiding by their ‘Ecoluxury Criteria’. This criteria means Björk & Berries create products that are kind to skin, people, animals and nature, all the while using clinically safe, organic ingredients and the most sustainable packaging options available.

Over the course of three weeks, our Contributing Writer Ella tried the three Björk & Berries face oils. If you want to hear what she thought of them all, then just keep reading for our Björk & Berries Review!

Ella has sensitised, oily and acne-prone skin.

Each with a unique, subtle scent, these face oils added a drop (or three) of luxury to my skincare routine. Each oil is packaged in a beautiful, weighted glass bottle with a pipette; an elegant design which reflects the clean, sustainable values of the brand.

Sea Buckthorn and Algae - Instant Glow Face Oil

I first tried the Instant Glow Face Oil with Sea Buckthorn and Algae. Sea Buckthorn, which is rich in vitamin A, E and omega 7 works to strengthen the skin and Kalpariane, a source of algae, boosts the skin's natural collagen. The Instant Glow Face Oil also uses Jojoba oil, which is notoriously rich and hydrating, to soothe the skin and give it a natural and healthy glow.

With an easy-to-absorb, silky texture, I would recommend this oil for people with more normal skin types, who are looking for a boost of hydration.

Blueberry and Blue Tansy - Restoring Face Oil

With a striking teal colour, which comes from the active compound chamazulene, found in blue tansy - an anti-inflammatory - the oil’s refreshing aniseed scent and silky texture not only provides a luxurious experience but contains ingredients which calm the skin and guard against inflammation. The blueberry seed oil acts to protect and strengthen the skin, with separate studies even suggesting that blueberry seed is effective in fighting radical damage from blue light emitted from screens and devices. Great news, particularly for those of us spending all of our time watching Netflix shows in Lockdown 2.0!

This intensely hydrating oil also contains Wheat Germ, which is a nourishing oil with one of the highest natural levels of vitamin E, and over 20 different proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals that help restore dry and sensitive skin. I found this oil to be really nourishing, without leaving my skin greasy or tacky to the touch.

I could see the Blueberry and Blue Tansy Oil working beautifully for all skin types, especially inflamed, sensitive skin. My acne appeared less red and angry when using this oil, and I would say it was my favourite oil of the three.

Raspberry and Bakuchiol - Firming Face Oil

Lastly, I tried the Björk & Berries Firming Face Oil, with Raspberry and Bakuchiol, a plant-derived, retinol alternative, which is great for sensitive skin. The Raspberry Seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E and omega 3, helps to balance and hydrate the skin, while the Hemp Seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, helps to improve the skin barrier as well as reduce signs of ageing.

I would recommend this product for people with both oily and mature skin, as Bakuchiol, like retinol, can smooth fine lines and wrinkles over time, as well as improve acne. A great, multi-purpose oil!

Final Thoughts

Björk & Berries facial oils work across myriad skin types, effectively tackling skin concerns whilst still providing a luxurious experience, for a mid to high price point - justified, I think, by their sustainable ethos and naturally- sourced ingredients. After several weeks of trying, I would definitely recommend the Björk & Berries range of face oils, and look forward to exploring more of their products in the future!

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WHERE — London


THOUGHTS BY— Ella Howard

EDITED BY— Gabriela Godinho-Moxon




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Ella Howard

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