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Happy Friday all! As you well know, at CAROLINAGMX we love to find the coolest up-and-coming brands and shine some light and love on them.

In today’s interview, Theresa Ebagua, Founder, CEO, and Designer, shares everything you need to know about her brand Chelsea Paris shoes.

This one is for all the Carrie Bradshaw shoe-fanatics out there...


Morning Theresa! Could you start by introducing your brand and your mission?

I am Theresa Ebagua, Founder and Designer of Chelsea Paris shoes. I am involved in every aspect of my business and take pride in integrating my African heritage into the brand. My mission is to bring Chelsea Paris shoes to consumers who are free-spirited and never swayed by outré trends, in the U.S., U.K., and beyond. I make shoes for those who are moved by their own desires and nurture femininity while remaining entirely individual. 

Your mission and target consumer are inspiring! What is your hero piece?

My hero piece is the FINN. Growing up, my mum used to cornrow my hair, placing colorful beads on the ends. The intricacy of her weaving inspired the FINN, which is an architecturally elegant interpretation of cornrows; resembling lines strung together, gathering like woven rattan.


"A culture beautifully comprised of bold, free-spirited, footwear enthusiasts."

What a fascinating visual. How is your brand different from others in the segment?

Chelsea Paris differs from other brands primarily through the integration of my African heritage and my ability to own my voice and identity as a strong black female designer in the luxury space. I have found that leaning into my identity as a black girl from Africa resonates with the press and my consumers. 

Absolutely! People want to see this kind of celebration of identity and heritage. How does sustainability factor into your business?

Sustainability is a big factor in Chelsea Paris shoes. We keep waste reduction and environmental protection top of mind every day at Chelsea Paris. We only use vegetable-tanned and metal-free leathers, which don’t produce harmful byproducts. The textiles we use for our shoes are ecologically processed, and we take great care to seek out suppliers who share our values. Additionally, our factory processes use only organic and cruelty-free dyes and glues.

Sustainability is clearly very important to you as an individual and business owner. What’s next for Chelsea Paris shoes?

​​In 5 years, I envision Chelsea Paris as a global community inspiring and encouraging consumers beyond the U.S. and U.K. to live authentically; a culture beautifully comprised of bold, free-spirited, footwear enthusiasts. Collection-wise, I’d like to expand Chelsea Paris shoes to include the bridal shoe and bag categories. 

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