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Good morning guys and happy Friday! After the never-ending month that was January, we were very excited to welcome February into the fold.

And what better way to start the month than with an interview with Land & Water, the natural bath and body brand that is sustainably sourced and made in the British Isles?

We chatted to the Founder, Pix Ashworth, about everything from the inspiration behind the brand to her favourite product from the range. So, to hop onto the good vibe train, just keep reading!

"Land & Water has been a natural evolution and it has coincided with society’s growing need and desire to connect to the outside environment."

Welcome Pix! Delighted to have you chat with me. Could you start by telling me a bit about your childhood and how you feel it has influenced you today?

I think of my childhood as both old-fashioned and progressive for its time; my siblings and I were left to be children, to roam and be independent. There was huge warmth, care and a continuous challenge of the status quo! It gave me determination and ambition, but also respect for others and the world around us.

That sounds like the perfect mix, to be honest! So, how did you get started in the beauty industry? 

In an upside-down kind of way! My upbringing and our Cornwall-based lifestyle led to a desire to take the emotion of my experience and capture it in a bottle. 

How interesting! So when did you decide to start up Land & Water? Was the timing important?

My husband’s family business is hospitality, with venues in Cornwall, The Lake District and soon Hampshire. The business concept - at its core - is active relaxation. Land & Water’s heritage is embedded in that concept of active relaxation too; getting out amongst the elements to blow away the cobwebs, to invigorate and to calm. In terms of the timing, Land & Water has been a natural evolution and it has coincided with society’s growing need and desire to connect to the outside environment. 

That timing has worked out rather well then! Does Land & Water consider issues relating to sensitive skin/allergies? 

Any ingredient has the potential to irritate sensitive skin, but our approach is the following: create natural products that are bursting with pure essential oils and actives, then pair them with a small batch philosophy. Careful ingredient sourcing and the most progressive innovations in biotechnology also give our products the best possible chance of suiting and nourishing sensitive skin.   

Thank you for breaking that down! Another key issue that is important to us at CAROLINAGMX is that of sustainability. How does Land & Water consider sustainability?

The principles of sustainability should not be a USP, but a given. This means doing the best you can for the stage of development that your business is at. Land & Water make decisions for the present but with an eye to the future. I am really proud of our sustainable achievements; we create natural products using ethical and natural recipes and were one of the first brands in the market with 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Do you think people are more conscious of the ingredients in their beauty and skincare products nowadays? If so, why?

Absolutely! There has been a huge awakening in our interest and understanding of what is out there. It started with the food industry and has rapidly moved to the beauty industry. If we don’t want to eat synthetics and intensively farmed ingredients, why would we want to put them on our skin?

Exactly! It is common sense. What were your biggest challenges in starting up Land & Water?

Scale was definitely the biggest challenge for Land & Water! But it was also the best challenge because it meant there was no easy route, which kept Land & Water fresh and dynamic.

I love that answer. It’s all about reframing the narrative really! What strategies do you think have been key to the success of Land & Water?

Investing in the core of our brand: our creatives, our words and our product. By this, I mean telling the Land & Water story through creatives, such as design and imagery, and putting words to that story. Those things are so important as they give the initial introduction to Land & Water. And then, of course, our product; the delight of finding that beneath the introduction, the product truly is exceptional.

"Land & Water is all about evoking that warm glow that comes from spending time in the elements."

And it is! I can vouch for that! In terms of your role, what is your favourite thing about Land & Water?

Working with talent is my favourite thing! I get so much pleasure from our partnerships, whether they are creative, technical or strategic. They are all small businesses, predominantly in Cornwall and in the South West. 

It is great that you experience that amount of collaboration! Which is your favourite Land & Water product that you've ever created?

Our salt scrub – it softens, hydrates, warms, exhilarates and calms the skin.

Oh, I love a multipurpose product! What do you think makes Land & Water stand out?

Land & Water is all about evoking that warm glow that comes from spending time in the elements and I think this really speaks to people. We enjoy time outside because it makes us feel better inside; Land & Water creates that invigorating and elevated sense of wellbeing. 

It really does! I definitely notice that my head feels fuzzy if I don’t get out at least once a day. Could you describe your biggest “pinch-me” moment?

I get huge satisfaction from doing something really well. I am proud that everything has come to fruition from those early days of conceptualisation.  

I am the same! Could you describe what an average day looks like for you?

It involves work, family and ideally, exercise. Sometimes my day is structured and purposeful, sometimes it is simply an adrenaline-fuelled blur. There are, of course, those days where I lose focus and get frustrated, but that is normal.

And what inspires you?

Spending time outside.

There is a lot to discover beyond the four walls of our homes, it's true! Do you think you have a work/life balance?

Thankfully, I have found balance in my life, yes.

That is refreshing to hear! What words do you live by?

Hard work – boring but true!

Use what works! Finally, what’s next for Land & Water?

We have great plans to expand our product range both for new products as well as refills. Also, we want to connect with more customers directly and via retailers this year.

Like what you read? Head to the Land & Water website to shop now!

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Gabriela - Editor
Gabriela - Editor

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