For me, Sundays are for relaxing and getting things organised for the week to come. I typically kick off my Sunday morning by going to a yoga class, shortly followed by a coffee and food. I often either go for a wander around the shops with my sister, mum or friends or return home to organise my flat or something of the like. Some of my favourite Sundays, however, are when I simply stroll through one of London's many gorgeous parks in a cosy outfit. Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath are definite favourites but here I went for a walk in Hyde Park in the heart of Autumn in London. This is my favourite time of year to spend outdoors in London as the colours in any park are gorgeous and the trees are halfway through losing their leaves for Winter. 


The most important thing for me about outfit dressing for Sundays is comfort. Sundays are all about cosy and comfortable clothing which is why I opted for my Joie super warm cashmere and cotton jumper, with my favourite pair of Levis. To jazz things up I decided to take my mum's 90s Prada sunglasses out for a spin and her old Gucci oversized clutch bag. Anyone who knows me knows that my mum is both the most stylish woman I know and has the best wardrobe of clothes. When I'm feeling bored or uninspired there is nothing better than rummaging through her pieces to find something to borrow!







At the moment I am super into these almost transparent amber-toned Prada sunglasses that I believe my mum got in the 90s in Italy. There is something about their oblong shape and Autumnal colour that has me wearing them on repeat.


When it comes to Sundays I definitely wear gym leggings far more than I care to mention but I equally love to through on a pair of jeans whether its Summer or Winter certain jeans are just so comfy, easy and go with everything. Some of my favourite brands are Levis (of course), Brand Melville and Frame denim. 


I couldn't leave without mentioning THE BAG. I remember my mum getting this bag when I was maybe early teens (so basically the early 2000s!) when the oversized look was the trendiest thing going on.


For years this Gucci number got banished to storage where I finally re-discovered it in all of its oversized glory. Again, I am loving its oblong shape, and its oversized metal detailing that is really quite different to some more modern bags currently out there. However, the key attraction is that this bag is as easy as it gets, just throw it under your arm like a baguette and off you go....

C'est Dimanche!


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