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Today is Armistice Day where we look back and remember those who fought and died in the war. It is a day to reflect and to be thoughtful.

So, today we couldn't be happier to bring to you this interview with the most thoughtful of brands, ARgENTUM. ARgENTUM is committed to clean beauty and creating a positive impact.

Read on to learn more about this luxury skincare, fragrance, and lifestyle brand, straight from the CEO and Founder, Joy Isaacs. 

Morning Joy and welcome to CAROLINAGMX! Could you start by introducing your brand ARgENTUM and your mission?

ARgENTUM is a luxury skincare, fragrance and lifestyle brand. It was born from a nighttime dream about using silver in skincare, and a passion for creativity, healing and exploration. My mission has been a journey of discovery to deliver magical products with integrity and love. I believe in the old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and, for me, this also means that beauty comes from within. Skin is our largest organ and can reflect how we feel inside. By inside, I am not just referring to our physical health, but our state of mind, happiness and wellbeing. To me, symmetry is a word synonymous with balance, so I look to the concept of balance in oneself to uncover the secret of inner beauty.

What an intriguing concept! What is your hero product and what does it mean to you?

Our hero product, la potion infinie, was the first product we ever released. After 10 years, it’s still a clear favourite; designed as an all-in-one eye cream, moisturiser and serum. The instant tightening, and firming results are incredible, not to mention the longer-term support it gives the skin. 

Soon after the launch of la potion infinie, a surprising amount of people began writing to us with positive feedback, especially those struggling with skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea. We attribute this to the incredible antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of silver, and the restorative nature of DNA HP, which was reinforced by a three-fold clinical trial at the Toulouse University Hospital in France. 

Like all our products, la potion infinie is derived from natural origins and we have used as many organic ingredients as possible, particularly our essential oils and extracts. This year, we completed a Microbiome Assessment Study of la potion infinie to determine whether it supports and protects the skin microbiome. We are delighted to confirm that it does, and it also removes a few unwanted bacteria strains on the skin.

"Like all our products, la potion infinie is derived from natural origins."

You are so diligent with your research and studies, which is very reassuring for skincare lovers. How would you say ARgENTUM differs from other brands in the segment?

At its core, ARgENTUM (which means silver in Latin) emits the timeless strength of silver, breaking gender and age boundaries to deliver a 360-degree physical and spiritual experience. Our unique and powerful skincare is anchored by our patented formula of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP; a clinically proven combination, exclusive to ARgENTUM. In our pursuit of beauty through balance, we encourage the acknowledgement of ‘beauty within’ through the philosophy of ARgENTUM’s twelve archetypes. As a brand, we engage all five senses, something that is quite rare in the industry.

It really is! I'm so glad you mentioned the archetypes. The archetype cards that customers receive with your products are such a nice touch! In what ways do you consider sensitive skin and allergies throughout the manufacturing process and when selecting ingredients? 

We always look to use ingredients that are natural and organic where possible, but some natural ingredients are known to trigger allergies and cause irritation to the skin. As such, we try to prioritise using the finest quality ingredients in our products with a sustainable lineage and strong efficacy. 

All of our products are suitable for sensitive skin and created with the skin’s pH in mind. Our skincare collection protects your skin’s microbiome without disrupting your skin's acid mantel.

That’s awesome! And how does sustainability factor into your business?

We are proud to be a Positive Luxury brand and have been awarded the Butterfly Mark (as a Brand to Trust) for a company-wide commitment to sustainability for years now. From the way we responsibly source our ingredients to single-use materials and second-life packaging, we’re focused on sustainability, clean beauty and making a positive impact. As we continue, we’re committed to getting better and have recently started our Carbon Neutral journey.

Finally, what’s next for ARgENTUM?

New products can take many years of development as we seek only the finest ingredients and materials, and are committed to sourcing these by selecting producers who share the same ethics that are close to our heart.

That said, we have some wonderful new and exciting things in the pipeline and will continue to keep our collection tight as we believe less is more. We have just opened our very own Notting Hill flagship store, a one of a kind Skincare, Fragrance and Café experience which will become the home of ARgENTUM. Opening the doors to la maison is also the perfect time to unveil our collection of alcohol-free archetype fragrances which are kind to skin and hair. We cannot wait to see what you think…

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