The Healing Powers of Synchronicity Scents Candles


Happy Friday all! If you are in need of a little healing this summer, then today's interview is definitely for you.

In this week's interview, we spoke to Annick Knutsen, Founder of Synchronicity Scents Candles. This soy wax candle brand aims to get customers to reconnect with themselves and the Universe through the healing powers of their candles.

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Morning Annick! Thanks for joining us. Could you start by introducing your brand and your mission? 

My brand is called Synchronicity Scents. It is inspired by the belief that there are no coincidences in life and everything is perfectly timed by the Universe. This candle collection of five candles connects fragrance blends with winged creatures that convey messages of love from our guardian angels. I chose bees, ladybirds, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies to reconnect us with nature. They remind us that we are not alone and that the Universe is constantly working for our higher good. My mission is to create a brand that will help customers to benefit from the healing powers of scent and nature, whilst nourishing their souls with a message of love from the Universe. 

What a fantastic mission! What is your hero product? 

My hero product is Mauli Sleep Dharma Bath and Shower Oil which supports the body and mind when under stress and provides a great night's sleep.

"The essential oils used in the Synchronicity collection work together to strengthen emotional and spiritual health."

I need to try that! So, how would you say Synchronicity Scents Candles is different from other brands in the segment? 

I was inspired to create Synchronicity Scents Candles when I was going through a challenging time in my life. I turned to meditation to help me navigate it. Meditation and nature go hand in hand. They are both healing, as is lighting a candle and letting the scent envelop you. I wanted the customer to be able to choose a candle to match their mood. I created Transform to inspire us to embrace change. Hope is for optimism, to keep the faith through difficult times. Love is warm and nurturing, to promote self-care and love for others. Compassion reminds us to be kind to ourselves and others; it is a soulful, thoughtful fragrance. Finally, Strength is to manifest inner belief and resilience. The essential oils used in the Synchronicity collection work together to strengthen emotional and spiritual health. We worked with a trained well-being alchemist to bring the healing powers of aromatherapy to my candles.

That’s great! I love the synchronicity of your products and your brand mission. How does sustainability factor into your business? 

My brand is vegan and sustainable. We are proud that our mycelium-based packaging is fully compostable, without the need for chemicals or industrial processing. Instead of just taking from the earth, we put nutrients back whilst minimising what goes to landfills. When returned to the soil, our mushroom packaging breaks down completely within around 30 days, leaving only goodness in the soil. This circular process means that waste is put to work and feeds the soil it comes from.

Giving back to nature with every purchase! Finally, can you reveal what is in the pipeline for Synchronicity Scents Candles? 

We would like to grow into bath and body care. We see ourselves as a wellness brand and we enjoy spreading messages of positivity, hope, and support so we want to continue on that path.

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