The High Priestess

Even though it has been so warm in Mertola, Portugal I have been loving the idea of velvet in the Summer. Even though typically a Winter fabric I have enjoyed all kinds of different velvet accessories from bags, to velvet shoes to velvet headbands. I recently picked up a velvet headband and I've been dressing it up and down with almost every outfit. Here for a party, I decided to pair it with a loose, long maxi dress with a studded, black belt and black sandals. I love the way it really brings a whole new dimension to an outfit and really dresses whatever I am wearing up even when it is just a simple t-shirt and jeans. 

I was wearing: Black velvet headband turban by Zara, black off the shoulder maxi dress by zara, black studded belt by Topshop, black studded sandals by Asos, earrings by Astrid & Miyu



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