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During this time whilst we are all trying to stay at home we thought we would share some of our sensitive skin bedding favourites.


Bedding is something that often doesn't get enough thought but is actually such an essential to get right. Never is the bedding you choose more important than when you have allergic, or sensitive skin.






Super soft, non-irritating bedding suitable for more sensitive skins really is the difference between a great nights sleep or a nightmare.


So here are our favourite bedding and cosy bedroom choices if you just want the cosiest, most comfortable bed situation ever!


Starting with the pillowcases...

As so many of us suffer with sensitive skin on our faces (and even if you don't), where you lay your head to rest each night is so important. Getting the right pillowcase can be the difference between a gorgeous healthy glow, and clogged up, aggrevated skin. Some of our favourites include Illuminage which uses a copper oxide infusion that has actually visibly shown to de-age the look of your skin!


Plus its super soft and chic! Another go to is Slip pillowcases. Slip are like the big daddy of silk pillowcases! They really are the softest of all the ones we have tried and they really do make a difference to your skin; especially when you are suffering with any irritation or major skin conditions. Their silk pillowcases help to reduce friction by 43% which really makes all the difference to the state of your face after a full nights sleep.


If you are after a slightly more affordable option with similar effects we also highly recommend John Lewis own brand who do some great options in all colours.


Sensitive Skin Bedding:

There really is no better feeling than jumping into super cosy and soft bedding at the end of the day! We have done the legwork for you and tested many bedding brands; which often end up scratchy and irritating our skins. Thats why we always go back to our favourites; Rise and Fall & Tekla.
First starting with Rise and Fall; their sustainable sheets and bedding are made from the longest staple cotton, which basically means super super soft! They are also Oeka-Tex 100 certified which means they don't have any nasties that can irritate your skin whilst you sleep or lounge. Tekla is the other bedding brand we have recently fallen for as much like Rise and Fall they only use the highest grade organic cottons, with sustainability again at the forefront of this Copenhagen-born brand. Both provide the softest sleep than minimises irritation on your sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Mattress:

When it comes to the best mattress we have tried has got to be Eve. We have tried both The Original and The Hybrid and whilst both are great, if you don't want pure memory foam then The Hybrid wins. It relly provides such a comfortable sleep and in 3 years never have we woken up with a sore back or aching joints. Plus they its so so soft and non-irritating which really helps.

Sensitive Skin Duvet:

 We hate to repeat ourselves but Eve wins here again! Duvets can sometimes be the devil when you suffer from sensitive skin. Feathers, synthetics and chemicals are often a recipe for allergies, irritation and rashes. Luckily Eve use a microfibre, Tencel combo that not only is super soft, it is also hypoallergenic. It also cleverly protects you and the duvet from bugs as well as preventing sweat build up over time! A-MAZING!
Eve is a brand we have worked with several times over the past few years as well as purchased from time and time again from duvets, mattresses and pajamas they really win in the bedding category for sensitive skins.

Sensitive Skin Blankets:

Last but not least blankets are a category than can sometimes make you itchy just thinking about them. Our favourites include the gorgeous Tekla again for their raw wool blankets. Or if you are after a blanket that does mroe than just keep you warm then enter Remy.


The Remy natural weighted blanket is actually one we have featured on CarolinaGMX before in this article. The bamboo version is our favourite for sensitive skins as it has breathable layers promoting air flow but still maintaining the amazing benefits of the weighted blanket. A winner for a great nights sleep without any kind of irritation! 


Every brand and product featured on CarolinaGMX make our editorial pages once a minimum of 70% of our sensitive-skin testers consider it worthy!

If you are interested in checking out some of our other sensitive skin posts you can find the latest one here.


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