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Happy Friday everyone! Halloween is almost upon us, so whatever your plans, enjoy your weekend. You deserve it!

Our Halloween this year involves a cosy night in; full of horror movies, yummy food and self-care. Someone who knows a thing or two about self-care and de-stressing is Alexandra Dunhill. So much so, she has built her brand Lady A around the healing properties of CBD. 

Lady A is a luxury wellness brand offering lifestyle products containing CBD in the form of tinctures, balms, capsules and most recently vapes, formulated to alleviate the stresses and worries of modern life. To learn more about Lady A, CBD and Alexandra’s journey so far just keep reading...

A huge welcome to CAROLINAGMX Alexandra! Let’s start right at the beginning: could you begin by telling me about your childhood and how you feel it has influenced where you are today?

I am the youngest of three sisters. My father was a doctor and my great-grandfather was Sir Alfred Dunhill, who started a luxury goods business in 1893; it was one of the first luxury brands to be recognised as such. I think it was always in my blood to create a health and wellness brand!

Wow, it definitely sounds like it. So how did you actually get started in the wellness industry?

My son Piers moved to LA in his early twenties and when I went to visit him I discovered the huge benefits of CBD and the effect it had on my son’s wellbeing. I did an enormous amount of research into cannabinoids and the different ways to apply them to your skin or to take them internally, and I found the results remarkable. As I read more and more positive reviews and discovered the benefits, I decided that I wanted to share the power of CBD with as many people as possible. 

"My son Piers moved to LA in his early twenties and when I went to visit him I discovered the huge benefits of CBD and the effect it had on my son’s wellbeing."

An unconventional route into the industry, for sure. So when did you decide to start up Lady A CBD and why? Was the timing important? 

I started researching in early 2017 and launched my first few products at the end of 2019. The timing was definitely important as this is a new industry and I wanted to be one of the first premium CBD brands to launch in the UK. 

You definitely were! Does Lady A CBD consider issues related to sensitive skin and allergies? 

Absolutely! Lady A CBD products are all-natural and my balm has undertaken full allergen testing to comply with rigorous European testing.

How reassuring! Moving onto sustainability, how does Lady A CBD consider the environment and eco-friendly practises? 

Most of my products are recyclable, but not all. It is something we are continuously looking at. My aim is to have a fully sustainable brand that works exclusively with natural products. The goal is to become more and more sustainable as we grow.

I can’t wait to see Lady A CBD grow in that way! Do you think people are more conscious of the ingredients in their products nowadays? If so, why? 

Yes, absolutely! People don’t want to be putting chemicals into their bodies. They want natural products with long-term results. Beauty and wellness come from within and people have realised that. They know that what they put into their bodies is as important as what they put onto their skin. 

And what were your biggest challenges in starting up Lady A CBD? 

It is a new industry, not just for me, so sourcing the ingredients, manufacturing and doing everything from scratch was really tough! It was very challenging to set up the legalities, the payment process and to remain compliant, as it evolves everyday. 

I can imagine! So, what strategies do you think have been key to the success of Lady A CBD? 

Believing in our products has kept us going through the hard times! I really believe in Lady A CBD and the amazing benefits of this magical, wonderful natural plant. 

I can really feel your passion for it! What is your favourite thing about Lady A CBD? 

I love designing the branding, creating and testing the products. I am a very creative person, with huge attention to detail: “Lady A is committed to perfection.” 

Striving for perfection is what makes a brand stand out. Right, which is your favourite product that you’ve ever created? 

This is a difficult question as I love all of my products and they each do something completely different. But if I had to choose one, I think the gel caps are my favourite. They make taking CBD easy whilst on-the-go.  

"Seeing the benefits that my products have on people’s health is awe-inspiring."

Oh, those sound fabulous! What do you think makes Lady A CBD stand out? 

Lady A CBD is an elegant and clean-looking brand that sells premium products to use every day. They also look beautiful in any environment! 

I completely agree. They are stunning-looking products. Could you describe your biggest ‘pinch-me’ moment so far with Lady A CBD? 

It was receiving my first feature published in Tatler magazine! 

My gosh, that must have been surreal! What inspires you every day? 

Seeing the benefits that my products have on people’s health is awe-inspiring. 

That’s lovely! Could you describe what an average day looks like for you at work? 

I start the day with a hot lemon and water and then take the dogs for a walk. After breakfast and my morning workout, I sit down at my desk and seem to be there until 5 o’clock. At 5 I rush to the post office with the day’s orders to catch the last mail! There are always so many interruptions during the working day that I don’t expect when handling enquiries or speaking to manufacturers so the day is always very busy. I work with my son who deals with various aspects of the business and that presents its own challenges!

It certainly sounds busy. Do you think you are able to maintain a work/life balance? 

I try to stop, but in reality, I don’t always. I do take time for exercise and make sure I get enough sleep, but sometimes I have to work very long days. 

And could you share with us some words that you live by? 

“Do few things well”, “finish things off properly” and “be organised.”

Simple and so valuable! What’s next for Lady A CBD? 

I’ve been working for a long time on developing my natural vapes which are finally out. They certainly have helped keep me calm during these crazy few months so I hope our customers love them as much as I do!

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