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Sold in Selfridges and John Lewis, Codex Beauty is the Irish brand making waves in natural and organic beauty right now. With sustainability at the heart of Codex Beauty, it's perhaps unsurprising that the packaging is made from recyclable sugar cane and its skincare is entirely science-led.

The unique natural ingredients taken from indigenous Irish botanicals are used to formulate the clean skincare products. Codex Beauty claims to be suitable for even the most irritated skin, making it a firm favourite for those of us with skin sensitivities.

Our Contributing Writer Amy has been trying out some of the major contenders in the Codex Beauty range and shares her thoughts below. Amy has dry, eczema-prone skin.

Bia Facial Oil

Described as a light, dry texture, this facial oil is made using rosehip, bog myrtle and sea buckthorn to boost skin elasticity and add hydration.

Right off the bat, I loved the packaging as it is a really practical, twisting lock, dropper applicator. The oil does have a unique smell, which I was initially taken aback by, but I investigated and believe this is a common effect of the bog myrtle. The aroma, however, is diluted when mixing a drop of oil with moisturiser, which is how I enjoyed using the product.

A little definitely goes a long way and I found the oil was really hydrating. As someone who suffers from dry, eczema-prone skin, adding facial oils into my routine has really made a difference to my skin. So, if you're after something that is definitely suitable for sensitive skin with no nasties, I would absolutely recommend this oil as it made my skin feel supple and bouncy.

Bia Exfoliating Wash

This wash contains tiny Jojoba grains that very gently exfoliate and smooth the skin without irritation. Quite often, less-erosive chemical exfoliants do not agree with sensitive or dry skin and can lead to over-exfoliation or irritation. If this sounds like something you suffer with, opting for a physical alternative like this creamy wash is a great idea.

It has a strong citrus smell that is really refreshing and leaves the skin feeling cleaner and smoother, but not stripped of moisture, which was very important for me. If you’re looking for a gentle daily exfoliant, this product is definitely worth investigating.

Bia Skin Superfood Cream

Described as a moisturiser for hands, face and body to restore your skin barrier, the thing that first grabbed my attention was the claim to aid the most irritated of skin. After suffering a prolonged bout of eczema on my face, this product felt like a safe option for me to try.

As promised, I found that the cream deeply hydrated my skin and, in fact, did exactly what it said on the tin. The product also gained brownie points as I found the tube pump made it really easy to apply to my skin. The texture wasn’t super-rich, but it was enough for a day moisturiser and would make a great team with the Bia Facial Oil too.

Bia Soaps

I was lucky enough to try the Cleansing Soap, Invigorating Soap and Balancing Soap, which are three of the four soaps made by Codex Beauty. Each formulated with different ingredients, you can choose which soap is most appropriate for you depending on its properties. I found each soap had a unique smell and texture, but they all tended to be very earthy and herbal, which I loved!

In particular, the Codex Beauty Balancing Soap left my skin feeling extremely clean, without stripping it of moisture. Another bonus of these soaps is that they seem to last a really long time. I’d definitely recommend them if you are after a strong-scented soap that leaves your skin feeling completely cleansed and refreshed, without any unnecessary fragrances. A great no-fuss product!

Final Thoughts

If you have a long history of irritation or have had bad experiences using perfumed and chemical-heavy products, then opting for natural and organic alternatives could be just the ticket. As a newcomer to Codex Beauty, suffering from eczema on my face, I felt encouraged by the fact that no harsh chemicals are used and most of the ingredients are herbal too.

The packaging feels very modern and high-end and I really think more brands should look into replicating this style. My hero products would probably be the Bia Facial Oil which will certainly remain a step in my routine for my dry skin days, and the Bia Exfoliating Wash, which makes an easy-breezy morning cleanser combined with an exfoliator.

Codex Beauty is also one of the most genuinely sustainable, thought-out brands I have come across in recent times, so I cannot wait to see what they launch next.

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