Trying Bjork & Berries with Sensitive Skin


Björk and Berries is a Swedish, eco-luxury brand that you need to get to know... and fast! Over the past couple of weeks we have had the pleasure of trialing and testing some new launches from their Forest collection.


Below our Editor, Gabriela shares her thoughts as she reviews some Björk and Berries products and answers some of the most commonly searched Björk and Berries questions. Gabriela has environmentally-sensitive, combination skin, prone to an oily T-zone and some dryness.


What is Björk and Berries?

Björk and Berries is a beauty brand that began as a local project in a small Swedish farm. The founder Isabelle wanted to capture the natural, healing properties of nature and Swedish flora in a natural fragrance, and so Björk and Berries was born. The brand's ethos has been the foundation for building a brand where every product champions the best nature (and technology- to give it a modern twist) has to offer.

While the inspiration for Björk and Berries' products comes from the deep forests and mountains of Sweden, the brand also practices what it preaches, using 'clean' ingredients that are largely cruelty-free, vegan and natural.


What does Björk mean?

Björk means Birch in Swedish; commonly known as the life-giving tree. It is the brand's not-so-secret weapon and signature ingredient. Everyday is a school day...


Where to buy Björk and Berries?

Björk and Berries products are available for purchase from their website, as well as a series of online retailers including: Cult Beauty, John Lewis & Partners, Niche-Beauty, and A Little Find.


What should I try from Björk and Berries? Is it worth it?

I tried three products over the course of several weeks from Björk and Berries: their Deep Forest Face Mist, Forest Extract Moisturiser and Rescue Cream. I used the products in conjunction with others already in my skincare regime and have to say that I loved the way they easily fit into my daily routine.


Deep Forest Face Mist- On the packaging this face mist promises to "instantly rehydrate and soothe skin with a refreshing blend of birch leaf and vitamin charged fruit waters. Ideal to use in front of the computer, in air-condition or dry climates, when travelling or whenever skin needs an energising boost. Organic birch leaf water and green mandarin water hydrates, calms and restores skin's natural PH balance. Alcohol free."

I love a good face mist, as I really enjoy the energy-boost that comes from spraying it. It's like an espresso-shot for your face! Truly... However, in the past, I have found that face mists can be pretty drying on my skin depending on the ingredients (alcohol, we're looking at you...) Due to this, I was curious to see how this product would affect the moisture levels of my skin when used over time and am pleased to report that this mist did not dry out my skin at all!

The mist has such a lovely, light and clean smell that I found it was not only a mood-booster, but also a really practical product to pop in my bag (back in the times where we were allowed to leave our houses, of course) and use throughout the day. Most commonly though, I used it as a toner-replacement, after cleansing and before applying any serums or moisturisers. The perfect way to wake me up and get me ready for the day ahead!

Forest Extract Moisturiser- The packaging describes this product as "deeply hydrating, nourishing and protects a healthy complexion in all conditions. It is enriched with a fine blend of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and a potent forest extract to restore a supple glowing skin texture. Powerful antioxidants vitamin C and E fortifies skin's protection against outer stress and free radical damage.

Organic active beech tree extract promotes skin elasticity and boost oxygen flow for an added burst of radiance. The combination of organic jojoba oil and organic green mandarin water hydrates, calms and balances skin throughout the seasons."

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really in the market for a new moisturiser when this product came my way but, as they say, "everything happens for a reason..." This product, much like the face mist, fit itself effortlessly into my skincare regime without as much as a second-thought.

I used the moisturiser morning and night as the last step in my skincare regime, and have noticed great results! My skin has a tendency to get a little dry in certain areas (along the chin, and around the nose and hairline), with the changing of the seasons and I believe this product has gone some way in hydrating those areas.

When used at night, I awoke to dewy, rested-looking skin; when used in the morning, I noticed my skin texture seemed a lot more balanced throughout the day. Bye bye red, sore, flaky skin patches, I can honestly say I will not miss you one bit...


Rescue Cream- The packaging describes this product as "the go-to treatment when you are deep into winter and other creams just don't do the trick. It is designed to improve skin barrier protection, provide irritation relief and enhance skin vitality."

Honestly, I couldn't agree more! I used this product when a rash began to surface, when itchy skin started to make an appearance and even as a hand cream when nothing else would nourish. It is thick and conditioning and seems to always come to the rescue in times of need!

How should I use Björk & Berries?

Easy! Their products range from skincare and hair products to fragrances and fit seamlessly into whatever routines you might have already established. The products can be used together or in conjunction with others. No reason not to give them a go!

What else should I know about Björk & Berries?

Björk & Berries is a simple brand and we mean this is a compliment: no 'bad guy' ingredients, sustainable, organic blends and 100% recyclable packaging. In our opinion, the best beauty products work because they simply do what they say on the tin- the products we have tried do just that!

From the sleek design of the white and gold bottles to the emphasis on going back to nature, this is a brand that doesn't rely on gimmicks; just the knowledge that nature is good enough. If you're keen to go back to basics, then we highly recommend you try a couple of Björk & Berries products and support a growing business.

Head to their Instagram page now to learn more...


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REVIEW AND EDIT BY — Gabriela Godinho-Moxon

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