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Typology Skincare has officially launched in the UK today! This brand is right up our street with their mission to formulate products with truth, producing concentrated, natural skincare that is luxurious but also affordable. This is our Typology Skincare review.


Typology skincare UK opt to use as few ingredients as possible; creating clean formulas with concentrations of actives that truly make a difference without irritation. The packaging is super chic, scientific-looking with sustainability at the core.



Below our founder, Carolina shares her thoughts as she reviews her Typology skincare UK prescription selection of products and answers some of the most asked questions. Carolina has reactive, allergy-prone skin with redness.

The beauty market is a crowded place, with so many brands doing great things for skins, the environment and communities. Typology Paris is a brand that caught my eye from the start with gorgeous minimalist packaging and efficacy at its core. This is my Typology skincare review.

Where to Buy Typology skincare products?

As mentioned ,Typology has just become available in the UK market which is super exciting where previously they were only available in France. In both cases they currently only ship from their website and are unavailable anywhere else.


What Makes Typology Skincare UK different?

Typology are all about ingredients. Their formulas focus on highly concentrated, natural ingredients that do exactly what they say! The brand really seems to mix the natural and the clinical really well – with 80% of the ingredients in their products coming from a natural origin. All of their skincare is designed, formulated and packaged in France through organic farming, and sourcing all additional ingredients throughout France and Europe.


Like many other brands at the moment, they also abide by a super strict list of ingredients that they refuse to use which is great. From a packaging perspective they look super cool but they are also all about sustainability where possible. Their packaging uses a mix of  glass and recyclable plastic and each product container is created flat in order to fit through any mailbox!


What is the Typology Prescription?

Typology diagnoses your skin by following a simple questionnaire followed on their website. This allows them to directly understand your skin type and any concerns in order to build a routine/ or what they call your prescription. What they then leave you with is a diagnosis of your skin and an AM and PM prescription skincare plan. This breaks down which products to use when, in which order and even a how to. It’s a nice simple way for people to begin to understand which products might be most relevant to them from the brand.

What is your personal review of Typology Paris Skincare?

As I mentioned before, this brand really appealed to me from the get-go! I loved the packaging and the style of the brand and how clean, simple formulas are at the core of the brand DNA. I got given a prescription for redness, and discreet skin ageing to try out and have been testing for the past few weeks. The packaging looks super chic on your bathroom shelf and has some great sustainability claims which I really enjoyed too.


From a product perspective I tried several products in the range for my personal regime listed below and I have to say I really didn’t come across any I didn’t like. I have honestly become such a fan of the brand, and have really noticed a difference in my redness-prone, sensitive skin. The Typology Soothing Toner and the Niacinamide 12% have both especially made a huge difference to the redness in my skin with my skin tone remaining a lot healthier!


I cannot wait to try more from the range, and the products are so affordable for what they are (think pricing just above The Ordinary and The Inkey List!) Also worth noting for anyone with allergies to fragrance most of their range is also fragrance free!

Typology Skincare Solid Soothing Cleansing Bar with Shea Butter – I am always a fan of a simple but effective cleanser and this one was incredibly nourishing and soothing. It features a mix of coconut, olive and sunflower oils and shea butter. This simple concoction really soothed redness in my skin whilst hydrating it, without leaving any kind of film. Also for those suffering from a compromised skin barrier this is brilliant as its really made for delicate skin types and keeping the skin barrier intact with its 8% fatty acid content.


Typology Skincare Niacinamide 7% Soothing Toner –  This one I love for when my skin is suffering. It really helped balance my skin tone when my face got a bit more redness-prone that normal. I really think its thanks to the active mix of Niacinamide, Probiotics and Rose Centifolia Hydrolate, which are supposed to help the skin’s acidic mantle.

All these anti-inflammatory active ingredients also really help to reduce the feeling of tightness after cleansing which dryer, sensitive skin types can relate to! I’ve been using this on a daily basis and have found it a great addition to my routine really helping both skin tone and texture.


Typology Skincare  Micellar Water with 7 Ingredients – I love micellar waters for sensitive skin. It is a great, lighter makeup removal solution for when other makeup removers sting and hurt. I use this one with a reusable cotton pad and press onto my eyes and my face to remove makeup on the skin. This one is a simple solution that I will definitely be using again! Check out my article here on how I use Micellar water and remove my makeup in the most gentle way possible!


Typology Skincare Niacinamide 12% - For me this product is the shining star of all those I tried! I just love it and have noticed such a difference in my skin since using it. It really has helped my overall skin tone; dramatically reducing redness, and also really helping smooth my skin texture too.

Although spots aren’t really a major concern, I did notice that my skin looked a lot clearer in general too, with not even small blemishes appearing which was amazing! Even more amazing is the price point at £11.80 in the UK! A magician in a bottle, so happy I discovered this!


Typology Skincare Organic Rosehip vegetable Oil -  Rosehip oil is one that I like to always have in my bathroom cabinet. This one was a brilliant one, and I would even rate it as high as my beloved Pai Rosehip oil! Rosehip oil has lots of benefits from helping with the appearance of wrinkles, to really helping heal and sooth allergic and sensitive-prone skin. I loved that this one is cold-pressed and organic and in a dark bottle to really help preserve the oil.

A great affordable rosehip oil option for people who want an organic, high-quality option but without the mega price-point!



Every brand and product featured on CarolinaGMX make our editorial pages once a minimum of 70% of our sensitive-skin testers consider it worthy! We hope you enjoyed our Typology skincare review.

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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

Carolina started CarolinaGMX after working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 7 years. This has included roles at Burberry, Selfridges & Estée Lauder. Her favourite product is Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 Hours.

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