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Versed Skincare is a brand that seems to be just about everywhere right now, and like the true beauty obsessives we are, we had to try them out! Over the past few months we have been testing and reviewing and have found some new favourites.


Below our founder, Carolina shares her thoughts as she reviews the Versed Skincare line and answers some of the most asked questions. Carolina has reactive, allergy-prone skin with redness.

Where to Buy Versed Skincare?

For the UK Cult Beauty are the exclusive retailer of Versed. While in the USA you can buy the brand on their own site (usually with a super cool gift of some kind!), or Target. For Canada you can also get the good stuff via Target.

What are Versed Skin all about?

Versed Skin’s mission is to: Make Good Skin and Clean Products for All. All their products are under £20, whilst still being playful and shelfie worthy. They focus on the key buzz-worth ingredients that make a difference, being clean and earth-friendly.


On their site they list out a large number of toxins they never formulate with; focusing on safe and effective ones. From the sustainability front their packaging is 92% recyclable and they use fuel-efficient shipping methods to reduce CO2 emissions.

Are Versed Beauty vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! This is very much part of their brand ethos; Versed are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic.

Who Owns Versed Skincare?

Versed Skincare is the new sister brand to Who What Wear; both owned by Clique Media.



I tried the majority of their range and this is my honest review for my sensitive skin and what I would recommend for other people with similar redness-prone, reactive skin.


The Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm – Anyone who knows me, knows I love a makeup removing cleansing balm. This one like some of my other favourites moves from oil to a lovely, gentle milk that rinses off without any kind of oily residue. I loved how easily it removed makeup and how soothing the vitamin E and clove leaf were. A true winner!


The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel – This was one of the products that I was really the most interested by from the get-go for its instagramable packaging and glow skincare claims. The peel uses glycolic acid and vitamin A to exfoliate the skin.


For me the first time I used it I went a bit overboard which caused the well timed redness I am often used to. However the next few times I used it, I applied a much thinner layer onto my skin and found my skin remained calm and brighter without any side-effects. Vitamin A (retinol) can be a tricky one for sensitive skins so start slow if your skin reacts easily to retinol, because the results will pay-off.


The Wash It Out Gel Cleanser – Big fan of this one for an everyday cleanser that is fuss-free and cleanses your skin without any irritation. It is lightly moisturising without leaving a residue and I love how simple it is, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. A great everyday classic.


The Vacation Eyes Brightening Eye Gel – If you like your eye creams light and cooling this is the one from Versed is for you. If you prefer a rich eye cream then perhaps look elsewhere. This one was another Versed product I really loved  for its lightweight, cooling texture that really seemed to brighten my under-eye area.

For my eye area, dark circles and puffiness are the main concerns so the combo of Vitamin C, Ginseng, coffee and Niacinamide really helped with both concerns without any of the heaviness of a rich eye cream.


The Nix It Complexion Solution – As my blemishes are relatively infrequent this is probably the product I used the least from the range. When a little whitehead appeared I did dab it on and it did seem to help take it a way more quickly than usual. However what I did really like about it was that unlike with other spot treatments you could apply makeup directly on top.


The Keep It Supple Body Oil – If you are a fan of body oils then this is a great affordable, but luxurious one. It  is non-sticky, and not greasy whilst being fast absorbing. It has become one of my favourite options for summer for glowy, dewy skin all over your body.

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The Found The Light Powder with Vitamin C – Vitamin C like many active ingredients can be a tricky one for sensitive skins. However what I like about this powder is you can adjust the qty of vitamin C in accordance with what your skin can tolerate.

Plus you can mix it seamlessly with any of your existing moisturisers or serums not adding any additional steps to your routine. For me I made sure to use a tiny dusting only mixed with my moisturiser in the AM for brightening throughout the day.


The Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream – This one is a nice, classic moisturiser. Not revolutionary, but also very nourishing if your skin needs hydration without being greasy. Really a great, everyday option if you want something affordable to reach for when your skin is on the drier, sensitive side.


The Stroke of Brilliance Brightening Serum – This a great serum for normal skin types in need of brightening and if uneven skin tone is a concern. For sensitive skin types I found it was strong so best tolerated by mixing it with a neutral moisturiser. This helped me best receive the benefits of the great ingredients included in serum, without irritation.


Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Mask – I tried this when my skin was feeling dull and just a bit blah. The mix of red kaolin clay and turmeric exfoliates and brightens whilst also being quite soothing. I enjoyed this mask and found it was one of the creamiest clay masks I have used, however for me 5 minutes was plenty of time to get some of the benefits without any of the irritation from the exfoliation.


Look Alive Hydrating Plumping Mask – I love a good nourishing mask and this one is another great classic to add to my arsenal. It hydrates and plumps, whilst actually being quite cooling with a great mix of aloe vera leaf, collagen and rosehip.


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We hope you enjoyed reading. If you fancy giving Versed Skincare a go, let us know by posting a pic of the products with the #Trying...withCarolinaGMX and tag us @carolinagmx.

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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

Carolina started CarolinaGMX after working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 7 years. This has included roles at Burberry, Selfridges & Estée Lauder. Her favourite product is Clinique’s Moisture Surge 72 Hours.

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  1. 8th May 2020 / 9:14 pm

    I also tried a Versed product for the first time this week — the vacation eyes. I liked it upon first try and can’t wait to continue using. After reading this, I think I’ll have to try the face mask as well! x

    • Carolina - Founder
      10th May 2020 / 7:35 pm

      Hi Jessica, yes totally agree i love the vacation eyes! I know I’m a big fan, let me know how you get on with the mask 🙂

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