What is Rewardstyle & LiketoKnow.it & How to use it to Shop

Earlier this year I partnered up with Rewardstyle & LiketoKnow.it and started using their apps and tools. Since then they have been an amazing part of my blog and Instagram and have become one of the main ways I use to shop other influencer's home's, outfits and beauty. As I was unsure about a lot on what Rewardstyle & Liketoknow.it  is and how to use them I thought it might be helpful to share.





Rewardstyle is essentially an influencer tool. It allows you to earn commission each time someone buys a product off your recommendation. This is done through personalised affiliate links that track people's journey from one site to another.


LiketoKnow.it is the customer-facing version of the app that anyone can download and start shopping their favourite influencer's fashion looks, home inspo and more. For me this is now one of the main ways I get inspired by outfits and do my shopping!

Liketoknow.it for me has become an incredibly easy way to shop as I only follow people I'm truly inspired by. Everything is shoppable on the app which make it super easy to find the exact item I'm searching for. With instagram it can often be challenging to find the exact item someone's wearing. Whereas with the Liketoknow.it app it honestly makes everything so much easier! One of the tools that I love too is they have a tool where you can screenshot any photo from Instagram that has tagged the Liketoknow.it hashtag. They will then email you with the links to all the items tagged in the image which is amazing!


There a lots of ways you can use  both Rewardstyle & Liketoknow.it as an influencer which really need a guide all on their own. I highly recommend this one from Sequins & Sales on how to use it and make money as an influencer with it.


For everyone else who is interested in using the liketoknow.it app and rewardstyle to shop I hope it gave a quick overview on how to use it. Some of my favourite influencers to follow on Liketoknow.it are:


And for any of you interested in following me on the app you can find me here: Carolinagmx


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Carolina - Founder
Carolina - Founder

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