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If you have allergies like me, you will know that even the air around you can be having an impact on your skin. Particals in the air, including pollution and chemicals can be prematurely ageing your skin, or causing inflammation in sensitive skin types.


With all this in mind, I decided to try out Light Air's air purifier to see what benefits it could have on my very sensitive, allergic skin. These are the 5 benefits I found after living with the Light Air Ion Flow 500 in my home and on my skin.



    1. It reduces sensitivity on your skin

Living in central London means living in and amongst really high levels of pollution. This was my main concern in getting an air purifier in the first place as I knew it was having an impact, not just on my skin but the air I breathe as well.


EPA estimates that the air quality of indoor air is on average 5x more polluted that the air outside! While this is a pretty shocking stat it also begins to make sense when you factor in chemicals from cleaning products, mold, dust, scented candles and paint. With the Lightair purfiier I definitely noticed a difference in skin sensitivity just after a week due to the impact of having fewer particles in the air irritating my skin.



    2. It helps with skin rashes & redness

Following on from the first point, with less of the bad stuff in the air it really means if you suffer from redness or allergic skin an air purifier will make a difference. Although I know with my allergic skin that there are certain culprits, my skin is just naturally more sensitive than average. So whenever I went on on holiday to more remote areas I always noticed that any redness or small rashes really subsided. It is more of a longer term benefit but one that has really allowed my skin to heal a lot more and make any residual redness start to calm down over time.

 3. It even removes viruses in the air

To be fair this point really depends on the quality of the air purifier that you get. Light Air's purifier is really amazing in that it neutralises 97% of viruses in the air. Which is amazing as I head into sneezing season. A few years ago Hepa filters were all the rage; tooted as the most efficient way of purifying the air. However, since then a variety of new ways have come into play. Light Air takes filtering the air up a notch compared to a lot of other air purifiers by going incredibly granular and filtering even the smallest air particles at PM 0.007. Essentially what this means is it catches and removes tiny molecules in the air that could otherwise be causing you to get ill, or cause irritation on your skin, or block up your nose. A-MAZING!


    4. It reduces the signs of ageing

In shouldn't be a huge surprise but the ageing process is accelerated by pollution, as well as any other kind of irritant like dust, or mould. When any of the particles settle on your skin they can essentially mess with the skin's collagen and can result in the premature breakdown of your collagen. This results in skin sagging earlier than it should and a breakdown in elasticity in the skin. Therefore having an air purifier like Light Air, you can at least control the air in your home and treat your skin in the best way possible to delay the ageing process.

    5. It helps calm the side effects of serious skin conditions

If you already suffer from skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Acne, an air purifier won't necessarily solve all your problems. However, what it will do is help support one peice of the puzzle by ensuring at least your skin condition isn't worsened by the chemicals and other particles in your air. Often times with any skin condition there are often triggers like mould, dust or a particular chemical being used in a product that can worsen things. The benefit of using an air purifier is that you essentially lessening your exposure to these things in your home.



Finally, I really couldn't finish this article without shouting about the other benefits that have nothing to do with skin! For me, outside of the actually function of the Light air purifier I am completely in love with the way it looks. Every time someone new steps into my home they either think its a jazzy, new speaker or a really cool lamp. It is also totally soundless and doesn't need filters, which is a biggie considering how much filters can cost. As well as the cost, being filterless means less impact on the environment - win/win.


If you fancy checking out Light Air, you can find them here to hear all about the amazing tech in their air purifiers. Check out my most recent article here.


WHERE — London
PHOTOGRAPHY — Carolina G-Moxon
GIFTED PIECES — Light Air Ion Flow 500

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