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Happy Friday readers! This week, we have something a little different to our usual Friday Founder interview for you.

Over the past few years, we have been incredibly fortunate to have interviewed some wonderful people; from CEOs and Founders to designers and curators of small to large businesses. From businesses that champion women and sustainability to others that focus on helping those with sensitive skin, we have seen it all. 

During the pandemic, we saw how important these interviews became to our interviewees, who missed the in-person contact with their customers and longed to spread the word about their businesses.

We have loved every moment of liaising with these brands, championing them, and hearing the founders' stories. This week, we decided to take a look back at some of the 'words to live by' from our interviewees. 

We hope you will find some comfort in hearing their mantras, favourite quotes, and nuggets of wisdom. So grab your morning brew and cheers to our fabulous interviewees! 

"Tomorrow is another day" - Ozohu Adoh, Epara Skincare Founder

"'Think. Do.' Although I try to live by that rule, sometimes I do it the wrong way round!" - Arseniy Budrevich, Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio Founder & Jewellery Designer

"'Do few things well', 'finish things off properly' and 'be organised.'" - Alexandra Dunhill, Lady A CBD Founder

"Fail to plan, plan to fail." - Katie White, Re:lax LDN Founder & Facialist

"Everyone thought it was impossible until someone did it." - Antonin Chartier, Jimmy Fairly CEO

"Love everyone!" - Ericka Rodriguez, Axiology Beauty Founder

"Never quit, no matter what!" - Leah Uka, The Laid Club CEO & Founder

"Be the girl who decided to go for it." - Maree Kinder, Beauty & Seoul Founder & CEO

"Love Does" (Bob Goff) - Isobel Reid, Gloh! Beauty Founder

"'Respect' 'Collaboration' and 'Be the best possible version of yourself.'" - Isabel Ramos, Ayuna Skincare Co-Founder

"'Be kind, you never know what somebody might be going through' and 'nothing is impossible, there is always a way.'" - Emma Lewisham, Emma Lewisham Founder & CEO

"'Just do it'; my friends and family know that I live by this. Sometimes we just have to go for it and not overthink things." - Romy Kowalewski, 27 87 Perfumes Founder & Creative Director

"'Be the change you want to see in the world' by Ghandi. I feel strongly about a lot of political, social and ethical issues in the world, and this quote signifies how important it is for us all to do what we can in our own lives, rather than simply waiting for governments or businesses to change." - Georgia Larsen, Dora Larsen Lingerie Founder & Creative Director

"Hard work – boring but true!" - Pix Ashworth, Land & Water Founder

"'Work hard, play hard' has always been a mantra of mine as it reminds me that there is more to life than work and you need to have fun along the way. I should really update it to 'work hard, play hard, rest hard' though as it is super important to have some “you” time too." - Megan Gordon, Beached Co-Founder & CEO

"'Always chase your dreams', 'never give up', 'make sure that you carry everyone you meet along on the journey if possible' and 'enjoy your work - this makes it all bearable'" - Barry Smith, Symprove Founder & Chairman

"'There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs' (Unknown), 'There is only one very good life, and that is the one you know you want, and you make it yourself' (Diane Vreeland) and 'You are your problem and you are also your solution' (Bridesmaids)" - Carolina G-M, CAROLINA GMX Founder

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Gabriela - Editor
Gabriela - Editor

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